Human League / Hysteria


01. I'm Coming Back [4:12]
02. I Love You Too Much [3:27]
03. Rock Me Again And Again And Again And Again And Again And Again (Six Times) [3:35]
04. Louise [5:00]
05. The Lebanon [5:04]
06. Betrayed [4:06]
07. The Sign [3:49]
08. So Hurt [3:54]
09. Life On Your Own [4:08]
10. Don't Know I Want You [3:10]

Ian C. Burden [Bass, Keboards, Guitar]
Jo Callis [Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals]
Joanne Catherall [Vocals]
Philip Oakey [Vocals, Programming, Keyboards]
Susanne Sulley [Vocals]
Philip Adrian Wright [Occasional Keyboards]
Martin Rushent [Drum Programmed] on M2/8/10
Jim Russell [Drum Programmed] on M7

Mixed by Hugh Padgham
Produced by Hugh Padgham, Chris Thomas, The Human League
Engineers by Bill Price, Renate Blauel, Hugh Padgham, Gavin McKillop
Assistant Engineers by Steve Jackson, David Motion, Jeremy Allom, Paul 'Croydon' Cook