Eurythmics / In The Garden


01. English Summer [4:02]
02. Belinda [3:58]
03. Take Me To Your Heart [3:35]
04. She's Invisible Now [3:30]
05. Your Time Will Come [4:34]
06. Caveman Head [3:59]
07. Never Gonna Cry Again [3:05]
08. All The Young (People Of Today) [4:14]
09. Sing-Sing [4:05]
10. Revenge [4:31]

Dave Stewart [Guitar on M1, Bass Guitars, Keyboards, Synthesiser, Backing Vocals]
Ann Lennox [Keyboards, Synthesiser, Percussion, Flute, Vocals]
Clem Burke [Drums] on M1/4~6/9/10
Robert Görl [Drums] on M2
Jackie Liebzeik [Drums on M3/7/8, Brass on M5]
Hölgar Czukay [French Horn on M2/7, Brass on M5, Thai Stringed Instrument on M5]
Roger Pomphrey [Guitar on M1/5/9, Guitars on M6, Shouting on M6]
Marcus Stockhausen [Brass] on M5
Sir Timothy Wheater [Saxophone] on M7
Krista Fast [Laughing] on M10

Produced by Conny Plank, Eurythmics
Engineered by Dave Hutchins

M7: taken from "Never Gonna Cry Again" 7"EP [1981]
M2: taken from "Belinda" 7"EP [1981]