Eurythmics / Peace


01. 17 Again [4:55]
02. I Saved The World Today [4:53]
03. Power To The Meek [3:18]
04. Beautiful Child [3:27]
05. Anything But Strong [5:04]
06. Peace Is Just A Word [5:51]
07. I've Tried Everything [4:17]
08. I Want It All [3:31]
09. My True Love [4:45]
10. Forever [4:08]
11. Lifted [4:50]
-Bonus Track-
12. Beautiful Child (Live At The Church) [3:28]

Dave Stewart [Guitar]
Annie Lennox [Vocals]
Andy Wright [Programming, Keyboards, Live Percussion]
Chucho Merchan [Bass] on M2/6
Dave Catlin-Birch [Bass] on M4/9~12
Steve Lewinson [Bass] on M1/3/5/8
Pete Lewinson [Drums] on M1/3/5~8/12
Chris Sharrock [Drums] on M2/4/9~12
Faye Simpson [Backing Vocals] on M12
Claudia Fontaine [Backing Vocals] on M12
-Pro Arte Orchestra Of London- [Strings] on M1/2/4~7/9~11

Produced by Eurythmics
Additional Production by Andy Wright
Engineered by Nick Addison
Assistant Engineer by Graham Dominy
Recorded by Nick Addison [M12]
Mixed by Ash Howes [M1~11], Alan Douglas [M12], Andy Wright [M12]
[Mixed] Assistant by David Russell
Technical Supervisor by Gary McGovern
Mastered by Ian Cooper
[Strings] Engineered by Steve McLaughlin [M1/2/4~7/9~11]
Orhestra Co-ordination by Colin Sheen

Recorded Live at The Church, London, England, UK, 1999 [M12]

M2/11: taken from "I Saved The World Today" EP [1999]

Japanese Edition, with a bonus track, and Japanese explanation booklet