Eurythmics / Savage


01. Beethoven (I Love To Listen To) [4:50]
02. I've Got A Lover (Back In Japan) [4:27]
03. Do You Want To Break Up? [3:39]
04. You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart [3:52]
05. Shame [4:25]
06. Savage [4:09]
07. I Need A Man [4:23]
08. Put The Blame On Me [3:45]
09. Heaven [3:28]
10. Wide Eyed Girl [3:28]
11. I Need You [3:23]
12. Brand New Day [3:41]

Annie Lennox [Vocals, Various Instruments]
David A. Stewart [Various Instruments]
Olle Romo [All Programming]

Produced by David A. Stewart
Recording Engineer by Fred Defaye
Lead Vocal Recorded by Alan Moulder [M6]
Additional Bits & Pieces Recorded by Manu Guiot
Mixing Engineer by Fred Defaye [M4/5/8/9], Manu Guiot [M1~3/6/7/10~12]
[Mixing Engineer] Assisted by Calude Pons [M4/5/8/9], Serge Pauchard [M1~3/6/7/10~12]