Testament / Practice What You Preach


01. Practice What You Preach [4:55]
02. Perilous Nation [5:52]
03. Envy Life [4:16]
04. Time Is Coming [5:26]
05. Blessed In Contempt [4:14]
06. Greenhouse Effect [4:53]
07. Sins Of Omission [5:01]
08. The Ballad [6:08]
09. Nightmare (Coming Back To You) [2:20]
10. Confusion Fusion [3:07]

Eric Peterson [Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar]
Chuck Billy [Vocals]
Alex Skolnick [Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar]
Louie Clemente [Drums]
Greg Christian [Bass]
Mark Walters [Additional Background Vocals]
Bogdan Jablonski [Additional Background Vocals]
Willy Lang [Additional Background Vocals]
Elliot Cahn [Additional Background Vocals]

Produced by Alex Perialas
Mixed by Alex Perialas
Production Associate On Guitars by David Pigg
Production Associate On Vocals by Roy Rowland
Assistant Engineer by Michael Rosen
Additional Engineering by Michael Rosen
Mastered by Tom Coyne