Testament / Dark Roots Of Earth


01. Rise Up [4:18]
02. Native Blood [5:21]
03. Dark Roots Of Earth [5:45]
04. True American Hate [5:26]
05. A Day In The Death [5:38]
06. Cold Embrace [7:45]
07. Man Kills Mankind [5:05]
08. Throne Of Thorns [7:04]
09. Last Stand For Independence [4:42]

Chuck Billy [Vocals]
Eric Peterson [Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals]
Alex Scolnick [Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar]
Greg Christian [Bass]
Gene Hoglan [Drums]

Recorded by Andy Sneap
Engineered by Andy Sneap
Additional Recordings by Juan Urteaga
Produced by Andy Sneap, Testament
Mixed by Andy Sneap, Testament
Mastereded by Andy Sneap, Testament