Ryan Adams / Rock N Roll


01. This Is It [3:19]
02. Shallow [4:04]
03. 1974 [3:06]
04. Wish You Were Here [2:53]
05. So Alive [3:58]
06. Luminol [3:24]
07. Burning Photographs [4:12]
08. She's Lost Total Control [3:05]
09. Note To Self: Don't Die [2:13]
10. Rock N Roll [1:59]
11. Anybody Wanna Take Me Home [4:46]
12. Do Miss America [2:30]
13. Boys [3:31]
14. The Drugs Not Working [5:34]
-Bonus Tracks-
15. Hypnotixed [3:38]
16. Funeral Marching [4:22]

Ryan Adams [Almost All Instruments, Complaints, Wool Knitting, Bass Guitar on M3~5/9/10/12, Keyboards on M10/14, Background Vocals on M12]
Johnny T [Drums on M1~10/12~16, All Complaints]
Paul Garisto [Drums] on M11
Johnny McNab [Guitar] on M11
John Flaugher [Bass Guitar] on M1/8
John Pisano [Bass Guitar] on M2
Jamie Candiloro [Bass Guitar on M7/14, Hammond B3 on M2]
Tony Shanahan [Bass Guitar] on M6/13/16
Joe McGinty [Piano] on M11
Melissa Auf Der Maur [Background Vocals] on M2/7/12
Parker Posey [Background Vocals] on M9
Billie Joe Armstrong [Background Vocals] on M12

Produced by James Barber [M1~15], Ryan Adams [M16], Eli Janny [M16]
Engineered by Jamie Candiloro
Mixed by Jamie Candiloro
Additional Engineering by Eli Janney, Tom Schick, Joe McGrath
Assistant Engineer by Rudyard Lee Cullers
Mastered by Ted Jensen

Japanese Edition, with 2 bonus tracks, and Japanese explanation sheet