John Hiatt / Stolen Moments


01. Real Fine Love [4:22]
02. Seven Little Indians [4:08]
03. Child Of The Wild Blue Yonder [4:28]
04. Back Of My Mind [4:04]
05. Stolen Moments [4:11]
06. Bring Back Your Love To Me [4:06]
07. The Rest Of The Dream [4:51]
08. Thirty Years Of Tears [4:08]
09. Rock Back Billy [3:52]
10. Listening To Old Voices [5:29]
11. Through Your Hands [4:50]
12. One Kiss [4:22]

John Hiatt [Lead Vocal, Background Vocals on M6/12, Vocal Chorus on M10, Electric Guitars on M3/7, Electric Guitar on M1/6/9/10, Electric Rhythm Guitars on M12, Electric Rhythm Guitar on M5/11, Acoustic Guitars on M4, Acoustic Guitar on M1/2/8/9, Acoustic Rhythm Guitar on M5/10/11, Acoustic Lead Guitar on M10, Lead Guitar on M5, Keyboards on M7, Piano on M3, Synthesizer on M10]
Pat Donaldson [Bass on M1/3/5~12, Vocal Chorus on M10]
Ethan Johns [Drums on M1/3/7/8/12, Percussion on M11, Electric Guitar on M5/10, Electric Rhythm Guitar on M1/3, Electric Lead Guitar on M1/3, Acoustic Guitar on M8, Mandolin on M2, Vocal Chorus on M10]
Ritchie Heyward [Drums on M4/6/10, Percussion on M2]
David Kemper [Drums] on M5/11
Michael Porter [Drums] on M9
Michael Henderson [Electric Rhythm Guitar on M7, Slide Guitar on M1/7/10]
Michael Landau [Electric Guitars on M2, Electric Guitar on M3/4/11, Lead Guitar on M12]
Mac Gayden [Slide Guitar] on M8/11
Wix [Synthesizers on M3/6/8/12, Synth Bass on M4]
Billy Payne [Synthesizer on M4, Acoustic Piano on M6]
Chuck Leavell [Organ] on M5
Ashley Cleveland [Background Vocals] on M1/3/5
Russ Taff [Background Vocals] on M1/3/5/7/10/12
Mike Finnigan [Background Vocals] on M3/7
Bobby King [Background Vocals] on M6
Willie Green [Background Vocals] on M6
Robert Bennett [Vocal Chorus] on M10
Karen Peris [Lead Vocal] on M11

Produced by Glyn Johns
Mixed by Glyn Johns, Jack Joseph Puig
Recorded by Jack Joseph Puig, Glyn Johns
Assistant Engineer by Joe Schiff
Mastered by Doug Sax