John And Mary / Victory Gardens


01. Red Wooden Beads [3:03]
02. The Azalea Festival [4:42]
03. Piles Of Dead Leaves [4:26]
04. We Have Nothing [3:57]
05. Rags Of Flowers [3:32]
06. I Became Alone [3:35]
07. The Open Window [3:56]
08. July 6th [4:53]
09. Pram [3:33]
10. Un Canadien Errant [4:50]

Mary Ramsey [Vocal, Violin, Piano, Organ]
John Lombardo [6 String Guitar, 12 String Guitar, Bass, Vocal]
Robert Buck [Lead Guitar, Mandolin]
Jerome Augustyniak [Drums, Backing Vocal on M4]
Armand John Petri [Percussion] on M10
Ronnie Lane [Vocal] on M4
Joey Molland [Vocal, Guitar, Guitar Solo] on M6
Augie Meyers [Accordion] on M10

Produced by John Lombardo
Recorded by Mitch Easter
Additional Recording by Armand John Petri
Mixed by Armand John Petri [M1~4/6/7/9/10], Joe Barbaria [M5/8]
[Mixed] Assisted by Shannon Carr [M5/8]
Digital Mastering by Dr. Toby Mountain