John & Mary / The Weedkiller's Daughter


01. Two Worlds Parted [3:04]
02. Angels Of Stone [4:38]
03. Your Return [3:09]
04. Clare's Scarf [3:44]
05. Cemetery Ridge [3:09]
06. A Nightfall [3:44]
07. I Wanted You [2:30]
08. One Step Backward [3:49]
09. Fly Me To The North [4:24]
10. Clouds Of Reason [4:24]
11. Maid Of The Mist [1:50]
12. The Poor Murdered Woman [3:45]

Mary Ramsey [Vocal on M1~3/5~10/12, Lead Vocal on M4, Hammond Organ on M2, Violin on M1/10, Violin Intro on M8, Viola on M3~5/9/11/12]
John Lombardo [Acoustic Guitar on M4/7/9, 12 String on M1~3/5/6/8/10/12, Bass on M1~10/12, Vocal on M2/9, Background Vocal on M10]
Robert Buck [Electric Guitar on M2/3/6/8, Electric Rhythm Guitar on M7, Electric Lead Guitar on M1]
Scott Miller [Electric Guitar on M8, Electric Guitar Solo on M2/8]
Alex Chilton [Eectric Lead Guitar on M4/7, Vocal on M7]
Martin Simpson [Acoustic Lead Guitar] on M5/9/10/12
Stan Barton [Mandolin] on M1/3/5/6
Andrew Case [Drums on M1/4/10, Bass Drum on M12]
Jerome Augustyniak [Drums] on M2/3/5~9
Bob Wiseman [Piano on M6, Hammond Organ on M8, Accordion on M3/10]
Joe Rozler [Piano on M11, Hammond Organ on M5]
David Kane [Piano on M7, Hammond Organ on M12]
Mary Margaret O'Hara [All Other Vocals] on M4
Joanne Ramsey [Background Vocal] on M1/5
-Native Soil Cello Trio-
Bryan Eckenrode [Cello on M7, Cello Intro on M9]
Alfred B. Frenning [Cello] on M7
Robbie Hausmann [Cello] on M7

Produced by John Lombardo, Armand John Petri
Engineered by Armand John Petri
Mixed by Armand John Petri
Digital Mastering by Dr. Toby Mountain

jewel case [translucent green]