Joan As Police Woman / To Survive


01. Honor Wishes [4:37]
02. Holiday [4:27]
03. To Be Loved [3:03]
04. To Be Lonely [4:55]
05. Macpies [5:06]
06. Start Of My Heart [4:33]
07. Hard White Wall [4:12]
08. Furious [3:24]
09. To Survive [5:24]
10. To America [5:41]

Joan Wasser [Piano on M1~5/8~10, Voice, Harmony Vocals on M1~3/6/8, Electric Guitar on M2/5/7/10, Strings on M2/5, Wurlitzer on M3/8, Synthesizer on M5/7/8, Acoustic Guitar on M7/10, Organ on M7/8, Farfisa on M8, Tambourine on M8, Claps on M8]
Rainy Orteca [Bass on M1~3/5~8/10, Harmony Vocals on M3/6~8, Acoustic Guitar on M7, Claps on M8]
Parker Kindred [Drums on M1~3/5/6/8, Rolls on M1, Tambourine on M1, Finger Cymbals on M2/8, Harmony Vocals on M2/4/7~9, Shaker on M5, Percussion on M5/6, Rhyhthm Ace on M8, Claps on M8]
Ben Perowsky [Drums on M7/10, Rhyhthm Ace on M7, Harmony Vocals on M7]
Bryce Goggin [Organ, Piano] on M7
Adam Sachs [Tambourine on M2/3/7, Sandpaper on M3, Organ on M7, Drums on M10, Percussion on M10]
Ed Pastorini [Keyboard on M2/3, Electric Guitar on M2/3, Organ on M5]
Timo Ellis [Electric Guitar] on M2/3/7
Nathan Larson [Electric Guitar on M3/5/6, Harmony Vocals on M5]
Doug Wieselman [Baritone Sax on M3/5/10, Bass Clarinet on M10]
Peck Allmond [Trumpet on M3/5, Mellophone on M5/10, Tenor Sax on M10]
Erik Lawrence [Alto Flute on M3/10, Alto Sax on M5/10]
Maxim Moston [Violin] on M4/9
Danielle Frina [Viola] on M4/9
Theo Zimmerman [Cello] on M4/9
David Sylvian [Voice] on M1
Rufus Wainwright [Voice] on M10

Produced by Bryce Goggin, Joan Wasser
Recorded by Bryce Goggin
Mixed by Bryce Goggin
Additional Recording by Adam Sachs
Mastered by Fred Kevorkian