Anthrax / Armed And Dangerous


01. Armed And Dangerous [6:06]
02. Raise Hell [4:02]
03. God Save The Queen [3:01]
04. Metal Thrashing Mad (Live) [2:50]
05. Panic (Live) [3:45]
-bonus tracks-
06. Soldiers Of Metal [3:08]
07. Howling Furies [4:05]

Dan Spitz [Guitar] on M1~5
Charlie Benante [Drums] on M1~6
Joe BellaDonna [Vocals] on M1~5
Scott Ian [Guitar]
Frank Bello [Bass] on M1~5
Neil Turbin [Vocals] on M6/7
Dan Lilker [Bass] on M6/7
Greg D'Angelo [Drums] on M7

Produced by Carl Canedy [M1~5], Anthrax [M1~5], Ross The Boss [M6/7]
Engineered by Alex Periales [M1~5], Norman Dunn [M1~5]
Recorded by Al Falcon [M6/7], Gerry Comito [M6/7]
Mastered by George Marino

M1: Pre-Released Version

M6/7: taken from "Soldiers Of Metal" 7"EP [1983]

CD Edition, with 2 bonus tracks