Aimer / Brave Shine


01. Brave Shine [3:53]
02. Ophelia [6:44]
03. 君を待つ -acoustic ver.- [4:07]
04. AM03:00 (Live "Midnight Sun" ver.) [6:14]
05. 7月の翼 (Live "Midnight Sun" ver.) [4:59]
06. Brave Shine (TV Size) [1:31]
01. TVアニメ 「Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]」 2ndシーズン ノンクレジットオープニングムービー [1:40]

Aimer [Vocals]
Shogo Ohnishi [Programming, All Instruments] on D1M1/3/6//D2C1
Hajime Uchiyama [Programming, All Instruments] on D1M2
Kousuke Noma [Keyboard] on D1M4/5
Mikio Fujioka [Guitar] on D1M4/5
Yusei Nakajima [Guitar] on D1M4/5
Yuko Yanagino [Bass] on D1M4/5
Tomohiro Mori [Drums] on D1M4/5

Recorded by Masaki Mori [D1M1~3//D2]
Mixed by Satoshi Kumasaka [D1M1/2/6//D2], Masaki Mori [D1M3~5]
Produced by Kenji Tamai
Directed by Hideki Morioka
Organized by Hideki Morioka
Mastered by Yuji Chinone

Recorded Live at Stellar Ball, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan, September 5, 2014 for Aimer 1st Live "Midnight Sun" [D1M4/5]

D2C1: Brave Shine (TV Size)

1st Retail Limited Time Edition, digipak, with a bonus DVD, and a story board booklet

opening theme for TV Animation "Fate / stay night [Unilimited Blade Works" [D1M1/6//D2C1]