Alison Krauss / A Hundred Miles Or More: Live From The Tracking Room


01. You're Just A Country Boy [3:23]
02. [opening mc] [0:32]
03. [interview] [1:14]
04. Away Down The River [5:47]
05. [interview] [0:57]
06. How's The World Treating You / Alison Krauss Duet With 07. James Taylor [3:24]
08. [interview] [1:06]
09. [interview] [1:07]
10. Sawing On The Strings / Alison Krauss With Tony Rice [3:03]
11. [interview] [0:30]
12. [interview] [1:10]
13. Shadows / Alison Krauss With Tony Rice [3:59]
14. [interview] [1:06]
15. [interview] [1:10]
16. Whiskey Lullaby / Alison Krauss Duet With Brad Paisley [4:09]
17. [interview] [0:19]
18. [interview] [1:25]
19. Jacob's Dream [5:26]
20. [interview] [0:47]
21. [interview] [3:37]
22. Lay Down Beside Me / Alison Krauss Duet With John Waite [4:42]
23. [interview] [0:14]
24. Simple Love [4:15]
25. [ending] [1:20]

Alison Krauss [Vocals] on C1/4/18/23
Gordon Mote [Piano] on C1/23
John Hobbs [Fender Rhodes] on C1/4/18/23
Steve Cox [Organ] on C4
Ron Block [Electric Guitar] on C1/4/23
Jerry Douglas [Lap Steel Guitar on C4/23, Vocals on C23]
Stuart Duncan [Acoustic Guitar on C18, Baritone Uke on C4]
Dan Tyminski [Acoustic Guitar, Vocals] on C23
Sam Bush [Mandolin] on C18
Abraham Laboriel Sr. [Bass] on C1/4/23
Barry Bales [Bass] on C18
Greg Morrow [Drums] on C1/4/23

-Alison Krauss Duet With James Taylor-
Alison Krauss [Vocals] on C6
James Taylor [Vocals] on C6
Ron Block [Acoustic Guitar] on C6
Gordon Mote [Piano] on C6
Barry Bales [Bass] on C6
Greg Morrow [Drums] on C6

-Alison Krauss With Tony Rice-
Alison Krauss [Vocals, Fiddle] on C9/12
Tony Rice [Guitar] on C9/12
Stuart Duncan [Fiddle] on C9
Sam Bush [Mandolin, Vocals] on C9
Dan Tyminski [Banjo on C9, Mandolin on C9/12, Vocals on C9]
Ron Block [Banjo on C9, Acoustic Guitar on C12]
Jerry Douglas [Dobro] on C9/12
Barry Bales [Bass] on C9/12

-Alison Krauss Duet With Brad Paisley-
Alison Krauss [Vocals] on C15
Brad Paisley [Guitar, Vocals] on C15
Dan Tyminski [Vocals] on C15
Ron Block [Electric Guitar] on C15
Jerry Douglas [Dobro] on C15
Abraham Laboriel Sr. [Bass] on C15
Greg Morrow [Drums] on C15

-Alison Krauss Duet With John Waite-
Alison Krauss [Vocals] on C21
John Waite [Vocals] on C21
Gordon Mote [Piano] on C21
John Hobbs [Fender Rhodes] on C21
Jerry Douglas [Lap Steel Guitar] on C21
Abraham Laboriel Sr. [Bass] on C21
Greg Morrow [Drums] on C21

Audio Engineer by Gary Paczosa
Audio Mixer by Gary Paczosa