The Birthday / Night Line [Limited Edition A]


01. Night Line [4:10]
02. Silent Days [6:26]
03. Third Impact [7:34]
04. 45 Club [4:23]
01. シャチ [4:43]
02. Nude Rider [3:17]

Yusuke Chiba [Vocals, Guitar, Piano on D1M2]
Akinobu Imai [Guitar]
HarukiHirai [Bass]
Kazuyuki Kuhara [Drums, Piano on D1M3]

Recorded by Yoshifumi Iio [D1]
Mixed by Yoshifumi Iio [D1]
Mastered by Mitsuo Koike [D1]
Front Of House Engineer by Tadashi Sasaki [D2]
Monitor Engineer by Mikiya Takahashi [D2]

Recorded Live at Shibuya-AX, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, November 15, 2006, for Rollers Romantics Tour '06 [D2]

1st Retail Limited Edition A, with a bonus DVD

ending theme for TV Program "アドレな!ガレッジ" [D1M1]