Bangles / Everything


01. In Your Room [3:30]
02. Complicated Girl [3:40]
03. Bell Jar [3:20]
04. Something To Believe In [4:06]
05. Eternal Flame [3:59]
06. Be With You [3:02]
07. Glitter Years [3:41]
08. I'll Set You Free [4:29]
09. Watching The Sky [4:13]
10. Some Dreams Come True [3:29]
11. Make A Play For Her Now [3:49]
12. Waiting For You [3:37]
13. Crash And Burn [2:36]

Susanna Hoffs [Rhythm Guitar, Percussion, Main Voice on M1/5/8/12, Backing Vocals]
Michael Steele [Bass Guitar, Percussion, Occasional Guitar, Main Voice on M2/4/7, Backing Vocals]
Debbi Peterson [Drums, Percussion, Main Voice on M6/10, Backing Vocals]
Vicki Peterson [Main Guitars, Mandolin, Percussion, Main Voice on M3/9/11/13, Backing Vocals]
Phil Shenale [Keyboards, Programs]
Walker Igleheart [Additional Keyboards, Additional Programs]
David White [Additional Keyboards, Additional Programs]
David Lindley [Sax, Dobro, Bouzouki, Classical Guitar]
Paulinho Da Costa [Percussion]
Tommy Morgn [Harmonica]
Jim Snodgrass [Tabla]
Darryl Citizen [Noise]
Bobby Donati [Guitar] on M10
Vinnie Vincent [12-String Guitar] on M11
William Jones [Sitar]

Produced by Davitt Sigerson
Recorded by John Beverly Jones
Mixed by Frank Filipetti
Recorded (Assistance) by Joe Schiff
Additional Engineering by Ken Felton
Mastered by Doug Sax

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    2024/04/14 - 編集済み


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      Masafumi Hara