Faith No More / King For A day Fool For A Lifetime: Deluxe Edition


-Original Album-
01. Get Out [2:16]
02. Ricochet [4:28]
03. Evidence [4:53]
04. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies [3:28]
05. Star A.D. [3:23]
06. Cuckoo For Caca [3:41]
07. Caralho Voador [4:00]
08. Ugly In The Morning [3:04]
09. Digging The Grave [3:03]
10. Take This Bottle [4:57]
11. King For A Day [6:35]
12. What A Day [2:36]
13. The Last To Know [4:26]
14. Just A Man [5:36]
-Bonus Tracks-
01. Evidence [Version En Español] [3:58]
02. Absolute Zero [4:05]
03. Greenfields [3:42]
04. I Started A Joke [3:01]
05. Spanish Eyes [2:59]
06. I Won't Forget You [4:10]
07. Hippie Jam Song [4:56]
08. Instrumental [5:00]
09. I Wanna F**k Myself [2:55]
10. Evidence [Versão Em Português] [3:56]
11. Digging The Grave [Live] [3:13]
12. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies [Live] [3:39]
13. Interview [9:28]

Mike Bordin [Drums]
Roddy Bottum [Keyboards, Guitars on D2M8]
Billy Gould [Bass Guitar]
Mike Patton [Vocals]
Trey Spryance [Guitars] on D1//D2M1/10
Dean Menta [Guitars] on D2M2~7/9/11/12

Produced by Andy Wallace [D1//D2M1/2/5/6/9/10], Faith No More [D1//D2M1/2/5/9/10], Billy Gould [D2M3/4/8], Dean Menta [D2M3/4]
Engineered by Biff Dawes [D2M11], Arjen Arwert [D2M12], Thijs Peters [D2M12]
Recorded by Clif Norrell [D1//D2M1/10], Andy Wallace [D1//D2M1/10]
Assistant Engineer [Recorded] by Chris Laidlaw [D1//D2M1/10], Doug Field [D2M11], Phil Kneebone [D2M11]
Mixed by Andy Wallace [D1//D2M1/10], Billy Gould [D2M6~8], Matt Wallace [D2M6~8]
Assistant Engineer [Mixed] by Steve Sisco [D1//D2M1/10], Doug Field [D2M11], Phil Kneebone [D2M11]
Remastered by Geoff Pesche
[Remastered] Additional Engineering by Robert Preston

Recorded Live at The Palladium, Los Angeles, CA, USA, April 27, 1995 [D2M11]
Recorded Live at Night Town, Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands, August 27, 1997, for KINK FM [D2M12]


D2M1: taken from "King For A Day Fool For A Lifetime [Argentina Edition]" LP [1995]
D2M2: taken from "Digging The Grace" CDEP [1995]
D2M3/4: taken from "Digging The Grave [Limited Edition]" CDEP [1995]
D2M5/9: taken from "Ricochet [Part 2]" CDEP [1995]
D2M11: taken from "Evidence [Limited Edition]" CDEP [1995]
D2M12: taken from "Ashes To Ashes [Reissue]" CDEP [1998]
D2M6~8: taken from "Who Cares A Lot? [2xCD Edition]" Comp. LP [1998]"

4-sided gatefold digipak

Deluxe Edition, with a bonus CD