Faith No More / Ricochet


01. Ricochet [3:59]
02. Midlife Crisis (Live) [3:26]
03. Epic (Live) [4:48]
04. We Care A Lot (Live) [4:05]

Mike Bordin [Drums]
Roddy Bottum [Keyboards]
Billy Gould [Bass Guitar]
Mike Patton [Vocals]
Trey Spruance [Guitars] on M1
Dean Menta [Guitars] on M2~4

Produced by Andy Wallace, Faith No More
Recorded by Clif Norrell [M1], Andy Wallace [M1]
Mixed by Andy Wallace [M1]
Recording Assistant Engineer by Chris Laidlaw [M1]
Mixing Assistant Engineer by Steve Sisco [M1]

Recorded Live at The Forum, London, England, UK, March 13, 1995 [M2~4]

M1: Single Edit

Part 1, with a patch