Faith No More / Who Cares A Lot? The Greatest Hits


01. We Care A Lot (Original Version) [4:03]
02. Introduce Yourself [1:33]
03. From Out Of Nowhere [3:21]
04. Epic [4:52]
05. Falling To Pieces [5:12]
06. Midlife Crisis [4:17]
07. A Small Victory [4:55]
08. Easy [3:07]
09. Digging The Grave [3:04]
10. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies [3:29]
11. Evidence [4:54]
12. I Started A Joke [3:00]
13. Last Cup Of Sorrow [4:09]
14. Ashes To Ashes [3:36]
15. Stripsearch [4:29]

Billy Gould [Bass Guitar]
Mike Bordin [Drums]
Roddy Bottum [Keyboards]
Mike Patton [Vocals] on M3~15
Jim Martin [Guitar] on M1~8
Chuck Mosley [Vocals] on M1/2
Jon Hudson [Guitar] on M13~15
Trey Spruance [Guitar] on M9~11
Dean Menta [Guitar] on M12

Produced by Matt Wallace [M1~8], Steve Berlin [M1/2], Faith No More [M1~11/13~15], Andy Wallace [M9/11], Billy Gould [M12~15], Dean Menta [M12], Roli Mosimann [M13~15]
Recorded by Clif Norrell [M9~11], Andy Wallace [M9~11]
Recording Assistant Engineer by Chris Laidlaw [M9~11]
Engineered by Matt Wallace [M1~7], Jim "Watts" Vereecke [M3~5], Daniel Presley [M13~15], Michael Bogus [M13~15], Atom [M13~15]
Assistant Engineer by Jim "Watts" Vereecke [M1/2], Adam Munozz [M6/7], Lindsay Valentine [M6/7], Gibbs Chapman [M6/7], Craig Doubet [M6/7], Nikki Tafrallin [M6/7]
Co-Mixed by David Bryson [M6/7]
Mixed by Matt Wallace [M6/7], Andy Wallace [M9~11], Roli Mosimann [M13~15]
Mixing Assistant Engineer by Steve Sisco [M9~11]
Assisted by Paul Cappaglia [13~15]

M1/2: taken from "Introduce Yourself" LP [1987]
M3~5: taken from "The Real Thing" LP [1989]
M6/7: taken from "Angel Dust" LP [1992]
M8: taken from "Easy" CD Single [1992]
M9~11: taken from "King For A Day Fool For A Lifetime" LP [1995]
M12: taken from "King For A Day Fool For A Lifetime [Brazil Edition]" LP [1995]
M13~15: taken from "Album Of The Year" LP [1997]