Carole King / One To One


01. One To One [3:16]
02. It's A War [3:08]
03. Lookin' Out For Number One [3:15]
04. Life Without Love [3:48]
05. Golden Man [5:24]
06. Read Between The Lines [2:54]
07. (Love Is Like A) Boomerang [2:35]
08. Goat Annie [4:01]
09. Someone You Never Met Before [3:16]
10. Little Prince [2:06]

Carol King [Vocals, Background Vocals on M1/2/4, Grand Piano on M1/2/4~7/9/10, Wurlitzer on M2, Fender Rhodes on M10]
Reese Wynans [Grand Piano on M1/3/8, Fender Rhodes on M1/4~7, Organ on M2/6/9, Synthesizer on M4]
Charles Larkey [Bass]
Steve Meador [Drums] on M1~6/8/9
Robert McEntee [Acoustic Guitar on M1/5, Electric Guitar on M2~5/7/8, Slide Guitar on M8, First Guitar Solo on M5, Background Vocals on M2/3/5]
Eric Johnson [Electric Guitar on M1/3~5/7, Second Guitar Solo on M5, Fender Rhodes on M7]
Danny Kortchmar [Electric Guitar on M2/9, Solo on M2]
Mark Hallman [Acoustic Guitar on M8, Background Vocals on M1~6]
Christopher Dennis [Percussion on M1~3/5/7, Tambourine on M6, Goat Bell on M8]
Raymond Crisara [Trumpet] on M2/3
Scott McIntosh [Trumpet] on M2/3
Michael Mordecai [Trombone] on M2/3
Donald Knaub [Bass Trombone] on M2/3
Richard Hardy [Tenor Sax on M2/3, Flutes on M5, Alto Sax on M7]
John Mills [Baritone Sax] on M2/3
Leonard Posner [Violin, Concertmaster] on M10
Betty Whitlock [Violin] on M10
Douglas Tabonu [Violin] on M10
Dorothy Goodenough [Violin] on M10
Nancy Nicoles [Violin] on M10
Michael Fizzell [Violin] on M10
Marylyn Fletcher [Violin] on M10
Georgeann Nero [Violin] on M10
Sallie Banks [Viola] on M10
Shirley Blair [Viola] on M10
Stephen Edwards [Viola] on M10
Lucia Woodruff [Viola] on M10
Delta Holl [Cello] on M10
Ted Herring [Cello] on M10
Debbie James [Background Vocals] on M5
Louise Goffin [Second Vocal on M9, Background Vocals on M6]
Sherry Goffin [Background Vocals] on M6

Produced by Carole King, Mark Hallman
Production Coordination by Gayle Goff
Engineered by Chet Himes
Additional Engineering by James Tuttle
Assistant Engineer by James Tuttle, Tom Cummings [M4/10]
Mastered by Bobby Hata

with liner notes