Gin Blossoms / As Long As It Matters [Japanese Edition]


01. As Long As It Matters - LP Version [4:32]
02. Allison Road - Live [3:23]
03. Til I Hear It From You - Live [4:03]
04. Found Out About You - Live [3:54]
05. Day Job - Live [3:39]
06. Follow You Down - Live [4:24]
07. As Long As It Matters - Live [4:34]
08. Hey Jealousy - Live [3:53]

Robin Wilson [Vocals, Acoustic Guitar]
Jesse Valenzuela [Guitars, Vocals]
Phillip Rhodes [Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals]
Bill Leen [Bass, Background Vocals]
Scott Johnson [Guitars, Background Vocals]
Art Neville [Hammond B3 Organ] on M1

Produced by John Hampton [M1], Gin Blossoms [M1]
Engineered by John Hampton [M1], Erik Flettrich [M1]
Assistant Engineer by Billy Moss [M1]
Mixed by John Hampton [M1]
Pre-Production Engineer by Billy Suegke [M1]
Mastered by David Collins [M1]

Recorded Live at The A J Palumbo Centre, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, March 18, 1996, for The Album Network [M2~8]

M1: taken from "Congratulations I'm Sorry" LP [1996]

Japanese Edition, 8 tracks, with a lyrics/Japanese explanation sheet