Gin Blossoms / No Chocolate Cake


01. Don't Change For Me [4:05]
02. I Don't Want To Lose You Now [4:10]
03. Miss Disarray [3:29]
04. Wave Bye Bye [4:06]
05. I'm Ready [4:22]
06. Somewhere Tonight [3:56]
07. Go CryBaby [4:59]
08. If You'll Be Mine [3:13]
09. Dead Or Alive On The 405 [3:02]
10. Something Real [4:02]
11. Goin' To California [3:43]

Robin Wilson [Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Guitars, Tambourine]
Bill Leen [Bass]
Scotty Johnson [Guitars, Background Vocals, Piano]
Jesse Valenzuela [Guitars, Background Vocals, Keyboards]
John Richardson [Drums] on M1~4/6/8~11
Danny Wilde [Keyboards, Shakers, Programming]
Dave Zeman [Organ, Piano]
Chase Duddy [Drums] on M5
Darryl Icard [Bass] on M5
Scott Kusmirek [Drums] on M7

Produced by Jesse Valenzuela [M1~3/5/6/8/9/11], Danny Wilde [M1~3/5/6/8/9/11], Robin Wilson [M4/7/10], Scotty Johnson [M11]
Engineered by Danny Wilde [M1~3/5/6/8/9], Jon Weil [M4/7/10]
Additional Recording by Jon Pines [M1~3/5/6/8/9], Rob Vallier [M4/7/10], George Keller [M4/7/10], Jamie Woolford [M11], Jon Weil [M11]
Drums Recorded by Robb Vallier [M11]
Mixed by Danny Wilde, Jesse Valenzuela
Mastered by Dave Collins