Matt Nathanson / Modern Love [Promo]


01. Faster [3:29]
02. Modern Love [3:32]
03. Love Comes Tumbling Down [4:41]
04. Room @ The End Of The World [4:09]
05. Kiss Quick [4:26]
06. Mercy [3:09]
07. Kept [3:22]
08. Run [4:10]
09. Queen Of (K)nots [4:10]
10. Drop To Hold You [3:39]
11. Bottom Of The Sea [2:46]
-Modern Love (Instrumentals)-
01. Faster (Instrumental Version) [3:31]
02. Modern Love (Instrumental Version) [3:35]
03. Love Comes Tumbling Down (Instrumental Version) [4:41]
04. Room @ The End Of The World (Instrumental Version) [4:09]
05. Kiss Quick (Instrumental Version) [4:29]
06. Mercy (Instrumental Version) [3:11]
07. Kept (Instrumental Version) [3:25]
08. Run (Instrumental Version) [4:12]
09. Queen Of (K)nots (Instrumental Version) [4:12]
10. Drop To Hold You (Instrumental Version) [3:42]
11. Bottom Of The Sea (Instrumental Version) [2:47]

Matt Nathanson [Vocals on D1, Background Vocals on D1, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Clap Choir on D1M6, Choir on D1M2]
Jason McGerr [Drums, Percussion]
Aaron Sterling [Drums, Percussion]
Shannon Forrest [Drums, Percussion]
Zac Rae [Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Guitars, Programming, Baritone Ukulele, Glockenspiel, Clap Choir on D1M6]
John Thomasson [Bass]
Curt Schneider [Bass]
Tim Smith [Bass]
Ben West [Keyboards]
Rainman [Keyboards, Programming]
Brandon Bush [Keyboards]
Aaron Tap [Guitars, Choir on D1M2]
Michael Chavez [Guitars, Clap choir on D1M6]
David Levita [Guitars]
Kristian Bush [Guitars] on D1M8//D2M8
Danny T. Levin [Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Alt Horn, Trombone, Euphonium] on D1M1/2//D2M1/2
David Moyer [Woodwinds, Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax] on D1M1/2//D2M1/2
Chris Miller [Tuba] on D1M1/2//D2M1/2
Jennifer Nettles [Vocals] on D1M8
Mark Weinberg [Clap Choir] on D1M6
Ayappa Biddanda [Choir] on D1M2
Isaac Johnson [Choir] on D1M2
Paul Doucette [Choir] on D1M2

Produced by Mark Weinberg, Matt Nathanson, Kristian Bush [D1M8//D2M8], Jennifer Nettles [D1M8//D2M8]
Additional Production on Marshall Altman [D1M2/4/7/11//D2M2/4/7/11]
Engineered by Ryan Williams
Additional Engineering by Rainman [D1M1~7/9~11//D2M1~7/9~11], JJ Wiesler [D1M1~7/9~11//D2M1~7/9~11], Tom Tapley [D1M8//D2M8]
2nd Engineer by Steve Morrison [D1M8//D2M8]
Assistant Engineer by Daniel Pope [D1M8//D2M8]
Mixed by Mark Endert
Assistant Engineers by Doug Johnson, Chris Claypool
Mastered by Ted Jensen