Matt Nathanson / Sings His Sad Heart


01. Mine [3:17]
02. Way Way Back [3:44]
03. Different Beds [3:37]
04. Best Drugs [3:05]
05. Used To Be [3:11]
06. Back Together [3:04]
07. Long Distance Runner [2:54]
08. Gimme Your Love [3:14]
09. Let You Go [2:36]
10. Sadness [3:22]

Matt Nathanson [Vocals, Guitars]
Aaron Tap [Piano, Programming, Guitar, Background Vocals]
Adam Pallin [Keyboards, Guitar, Bass]
Amir Salem [Keyboards, Guitar, Programming, Bass, Background Vocals]
Butch Walker [Guitars, Bass, Background Vocals]
Joe Ayoub [Bass]
Stacy Jones [Drums, Bass, Keyboard, Guitars, Background Vocals]

Produced by Adam Pallin [M1/2/5~10], Amir Salem [M1/2/5~10], Butch Walker [M1~4], Stacy Jones [M5~10]
Engineered by Adam Pallin [M1/2/5~10], Amir Salem [M1/2/5~10], Butch Walker [M1~4], Craig Frank [M5~10]
Assistant Engineers by Todd Stopera [M1~4]
Mixed by John Sinclair
Mastered by Emily Lazar