Matt Nathanson / Modern Love [LP]


01. Faster [3:28]
02. Modern Love [3:31]
03. Love Comes Tumbling Down [4:40]
04. Room @ The End Of The World [4:08]
05. Kiss Quick [4:25]
01. Mercy [3:08]
02. Kept [3:21]
03. Run / Matt Nathanson Featuring Jennifer Nettles And Kristian Bush [4:09]
04. Queen Of (K)nots [4:09]
05. Drop To Hold You [3:38]
06. Bottom Of The Sea [2:46]

Matt Nathanson [Vocals on A//B1/2/4~6, Background Vocals on A//B1/2/4~6, Acoustic Guitar on A//B1/2/4~6, Electric Guitar on A//B1/2/4~6, Clap Choir on B1, Choir on A2]
Jason McGerr [Drums, Percussion] on A//B1/2/4~6
Aaron Sterling [Drums, Percussion] on A//B1/2/4~6
Shannon Forrest [Drums, Percussion] on A//B1/2/4~6
Zac Rae [Drums on A//B1/2/4~6, Percussion on A//B1/2/4~6, Keyboards on A//B1/2/4~6, Guitars on A//B1/2/4~6, Programming on A//B1/2/4~6, Baritone Ukulele on A//B1/2/4~6, Glockenspiel on A//B1/2/4~6, Clap Choir on B1]
John Thomasson [Bass] on A//B1/2/4~6
Curt Schneider [Bass] on A//B1/2/4~6
Tim Smith [Bass] on A//B1/2/4~6
Ben West [Keyboards] on A//B1/2/4~6
Rainman [Keyboards, Programming] on A//B1/2/4~6
Brandon Bush [Keyboards] on A//B1/2/4~6
Aaron Tap [Guitars on A//B1/2/4~6, Choir on A2]
Michael Chavez [Guitars on A//B1/2/4~6, Clap Choir on B1]
David Levita [Guitars] on A//B1/2/4~6
Danny T. Levin [Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Alt Horn, Trombone, Euphonium] on A1/2
David Moyer [Woodwinds, Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax] on A1/2
Chris Miller [Tuba] on A1/2
Mark Weinberg [Clap Choir] on B1
Ayappa Biddanda [Choir] on A2
Isaac Johnson [Choir] on A2
Paul Doucette [Choir] on A2

-Matt Nathanson Featuring Jennifer Nettles And Kristian Bush-
Matt Nathanson [Vocals, Background Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar] on B3
Kristian Bush [Guitars] on B3
Jennifer Nettles [Vocals] on B3
Jason McGerr [Drums, Percussion] on B3
Aaron Sterling [Drums, Percussion] on B3
Shannon Forrest [Drums, Percussion] on B3
Zac Rae [Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Guitars, Programming, Baritone Ukulele, Glockenspiel] on B3
John Thomasson [Bass] on B3
Curt Schneider [Bass] on B3
Tim Smith [Bass] on B3
Ben West [Keyboards] on B3
Rainman [Keyboards, Programming] on B3
Brandon Bush [Keyboards] on B3
Aaron Tap [Guitars] on B3
Michael Chavez [Guitars] on B3
David Levita [Guitars] on B3

Produced by Mark Weinberg, Matt Nathanson, Kristian Bush [B3], Jennifer Nettles [B3]
Additional Production on Marshall Altman [A2/4//B2/6]
Engineered by Ryan Williams
Additional Engineering by Rainman [A//B1/2/4~6], JJ Wiesler [A//B1/2/4~6], Tom Tapley [B3]
2nd Engineer by Steve Morrison [B3]
Assistant Engineer by Daniel Pope [B3]
Mixed by Mark Endert
Assistant Engineers by Doug Johnson, Chris Claypool
Mastered by Ted Jensen

2nd Pressing, Grey Marbled Vinyl, printed inner sleeve, with an autographed insert of the album's cover