Matchbox Twenty / Mad Season


01. Angry [3:44]
02. Black & White People [3:45]
03. Crutch [3:25]
04. Last Beautiful Girl [4:03]
05. If You're Gone [4:34]
06. Mad Season [5:02]
07. Rest Stop [4:29]
08. The Burn [3:27]
09. Bent [4:16]
10. Bed Of Lies [5:22]
11. Leave [4:33]
12. Stop [3:49]
13. You Won't Be Mine [5:31]
-hidden track-
14. You Won't Be Mine (Orchestral Reprise) [2:04]
-enhanced track-
15. You & I & I [3:12]

Rob Thomas [Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Piano on M7/8/13]
Kyle Cook [Lead Guitar, Vocals]
Adam Gaynor [Rhythm Guitar, Vocals]
Brian Yale [Bass]
Paul Doucette [Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar on M12]
Angie Aparo [Background Vocals] on M12
Peter Suart [Background Vocals] on M8
Sam Bacco [Percussion] on M4
Tony Adams [Additional Drums] on M12
-Atlanta Brass Society- [Brass] on M2/5
-Nashville String Machine- [Strings] on M7/10/11/13
Carl Gordetzky [Concert Master, Violin] on M7/10/11/13/14
Chris McDonald [Conductor] on M7/10/11/13/14

Produced by Matt Serletic
Recorded by Noel Golden
Additional Engineering by Mark Dobson
Mixed by David Thoener
Pro-Tools by Mark Dobson
Digital Editing by Mark Dobson
Assisted by Shawn Grove, Robert Hannon, Greg Fogie, Kevin Szymanski
Mastered by Stephen Marcussen, Stewart Whitmore
[Orchestrations] Recorded by David Thoener [M7/10/11/13/14]
[Brass] Recorded by Noel Golden [M2/5]

Recorded Live at Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, October, 1998 [E1]

M9: taken from "Bent" EP [2000]
E1: taken from "Live From Australia" Video [1999]

M14: M13[7:47~9:52]