Gizmodrome / Gizmodrome


01. Zombies In The Mall [3:59]
02. Stay Ready [4:01]
03. Man In The Mountain [3:43]
04. Summer's Coming [3:30]
05. Sweet Angels (Rule The World) [2:56]
06. Amaka Pipa [3:39]
07. Strange Things Happen [2:55]
08. Ride Your Life [3:43]
09. Zubatta Cheve [4:01]
10. Spin This [6:09]
11. I Know Too Much [3:47]
12. Strark Naked [4:03]
-Riff Tricks (The Instrumentals Vol.1)-
01. Zombies On Call [3:58]
02. Druther Be A Cowboy [4:02]
03. Sweet Domination [2:56]
04. Just Bring Whiskey [3:44]
05. The Cans Of Doom [3:49]
06. She Can't Hear You [2:54]
07. Guika Longiano [4:34]
08. Louis Hansa / Gizmodrome Feat. Raiz [4:15]

Vittorio Cosma [Keyboards, Vocals on D1]
Adrian Belew [Guitar, Vocals on D1]
Mark King [Bass, Vocals on D1]
Stewart Copeland [Vocals on D1, Drums]
Elio [Vocals] on D1M9
Armand Sabal Lecco [Guest] on D2M7
Mauro Refosco [Guest] on D2M7
Phil X [Guest] on D2M7
Dodo Knishi [Guest] on D2M7

-Gizmodrome Feat. Raiz-
Vittorio Cosma [Keyboards, Vocals] on D2M8
Adrian Belew [Guitar, Vocals] on D2M8
Mark King [Bass, Vocals] on D2M8
Stewart Copeland [Vocals, Drums] on D2M8
Raiz [Lead Vocals] on D2M8

Produced by Claudio Dentes, Vittorio Cosma, Stewart Copeland
Chief Engineer by Fabrizio Romagnoli
Co-Producer by Fabrizio Romagnoli
Engineered by Mirko Ori, Andrea Pellegrini
Mixed by Claudio Dentes [D1], Fabrizio Romagnoli [D1], Claudio Dentes [D2], Fabrizio Romagnoli [D2]
Mastered by Eike Freese, Benjamin Lawrenz [D2]

D2M1: Zombies In The Mall (Instrumental Version)
D2M2: Stay Ready (Instrumental Version)
D2M3: Sweet Angels (Rule The World) (Instrumental Version)
D2M4: Ride Your Life (Instrumental Version)
D2M5: I Know Too Much (Instrumental Version)
D2M6: Strange Things Happen (Instrumental Version)
D2M7: Zubatta Cheve (Instrumental Version)
D2M8: Zombies In The Mall

Limited Edition, with a bonus CD, and liner notes