Glenn Frey / Solo Collection


01. This Way To Happiness [3:27]
02. Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed [4:05]
03. Common Ground [4:43]
04. Call On Me [4:10]
05. The One You Love [4:39]
06. Sexy Girl [3:30]
07. Smuggler's Blues [3:50]
08. The Heat Is On [3:46]
09. You Belong To The City [5:51]
10. True Love [4:40]
11. Soul Searchin' [5:35]
12. Part Of Me, Part Of You [5:57]
13. I've Got Mine [5:35]
14. River Of Dreams [6:08]
15. Rising Sun [0:38]
16. Brave New World [6:22]
17. Strange Weather (Live) [5:22]

Glenn Frey [Vocals, Guitars on M1~4, Electric Guitar on M6/7, Acoustic Guitar on M12, Slide Guitar on M7, Guitar Solo on M8, Bass on M2~4/6, Keyboards on M10/11, Keys on M3, Synthesizer on M7, All Instruments on M13/14/16, All Other Instruments on M5/9/10, Backing Vocals on M1/10/11, Background Vocals on M6/8]
Danny Grenier [Guitars] on M1
Duncan Cameron [Guitar on M11, Electric Guitar on M7, Lead Guitar on M6, Background Vocals on M6, Backing Vocals on M11]
Josh Leo [Electric Guitar] on M7
Rick Vito [Guitar] on M8
Mark Goldenberg [Guitar] on M12
Barry Beckett [Keyboards on M10/11, Piano on M6, Synthesizer on M6]
Harold Faltermeyer [Keyboards, Bass] on M8
Robbie Buchanan [Keyboards] on M10
Steve Nathan [Keyboards] on M11
Steve Thoma [Keyboards] on M11
Ben Tench [Organ] on M12
Scott Thurston [Piano] on M12
Jay Oliver [Bass on M1, Keys on M1~4, Additional Keyboards on M12, Drums on M2/4, All Instruments on M13~16]
Bryan Garofalo [Bass] on M7
David Hood [Bass] on M11
Jerry Scheff [Bass] on M12
Scott Crago [Drums] on M1~3
Larrie Londin [Drums] on M6
Michael Huey [Drums] on M7
Keith Forsey [Drums, Background Vocals] on M8
Roger Hawkins [Drums] on M11
Kenny Aronoff [Drums] on M12
Steve Forman [Congo] on M7
Ralph MacDonald [Percussion] on M10
Chris Mostert [Saxophone on M1/2/10, Saxophone Solo on M13, Horn on M1/2]
Bill Bergman [Saxophone] on M1/2/9
David Woodford [Saxophone] on M8
Darrell Leonard [Trumpet] on M1/2
Greg Smith [Horn] on M1/2
Ernie Watts [Saxophone] on M5
Jim Horn [Saxophone] on M5
Al Garth [Saxophone Solo] on M14
Jim Ed Norman [Conducted] on M5
Laura Creamer [Backing Vocals] on M1
Donna McDaniels [Backing Vocals] on M1
Oren Waters [Background Vocals on M6, Backing Vocals on M11]
Roy Galloway [Background Vocals on M6, Backing Vocals on M11]
Luther Waters [Background Vocals] on M6
Jack Tempchin [Background Vocals] on M6
Julia Waters [Backing Vocals] on M10/11
Maxine Waters [Backing Vocals] on M10/11
-The Institutional Radio Choir- [Backing Vocals] on M11

Produced by Glenn Frey [M1~7/9~11/13~16], Elliot Scheiner [M1~4/10/11/13~16], Jim Ed Norman [M5], Allan Blazek [M5~7], Barry Beckett [M6], Keith Forsey [M8], Harold Faltermeyer [M8], Don Was [M12]
Co-Produced by Glenn Frey [M11], Elliot Scheiner [M12]
Engineered by Allan Blazek [M5], Steve Melton [M5], Ray Blair [M10/11], Dan Garcia [M10/11], Alec Head [M10/11], Glen Holguin [M10/11], Jack Joseph Puig [M10/11], Elliot Scheiner [M10~16], Mike Harlow [M12~16]
Recorded by Elliot Scheiner [M1~3], Mike Harlow [M1~3], Tom Winslow [M1~3], Elliot Scheiner [M4], The Wilder Brothers [M5], Allan Blazek [M6/7]
Mixed by Elliot Scheiner [M1~4/9~16], Alan Blazek [M5/7], Joe Ciccarelli [M6]
Second Engineers by Ray Blair [M6/7], Steve Melton [M6/7], Tim Nitz [M12~16], Chris Rich [M12~16]
Assisteant Engineers by Ray Blair [M5], Glenn Frey [M5], George Gomez [M5], Ben King [M5], Mary Beth McLemore [M5], Jay Parti [M5], Lee Daley [M6/7], Pete Greene [M6/7], Rich Markowitz [M6/7], Ted Blaisdell [M10/11], Jordan D'Alessio [M10/11], Frank Dooken [M10/11], Ken Felton [M10/11], Mike Harlow [M10/11], Robin Laine [M10/11], Vickie Lancaster [M10/11], Julie Last [M10/11], Charlie Paakkari [M10/11], Jim Singer [M10/11], Paul Winger [M10/11]
Assisted by Peter Doell [M1~3], Tom Winslow [M4]
[Backing Vocals] Directed by Carl Williams [M11]
Digital Editing by Rhonda Schoen [M10/11], Ted Jensen [M12~16]
Edited by Ted Jensen
Mastered by Ted Jensen

Recorded Live at National Stadium, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland, July 8, 1992 [M17]

M5: taken from "No Fun Aloud" LP [1982]
M6: taken from "Sexy Girl" 7"EP [1984]
M7: taken from "The Allnighter" LP [1984]
M8: taken from "The Heat Is On" 7"EP [1984]
M9: taken from "Miami Vice" OST LP [1985]
M10/11: taken from "Soul Searchin'" LP [1988]
M12: taken from "Thelma & Louise" OST LP [1991]
M13~16: taken from "Strange Weather" LP [1992]
M17: taken from "Glenn Frey Live" LP [1993]

International Edition, with a bonus track

with Japanese explanation booklet