Falco / Falco 3


01. Rock Me Amadeus (The Gold Mix) [3:25]
02. America (The City Of Grinzing Version) [4:00]
03. Tango The Night (The Mix) [2:32]
04. Munich Girls (Just Another Paid One) [4:20]
05. Jeanny (Sus-Mix-Spect Crime Mix) [5:57]
06. Vienna Calling (Wait For The Extended Mix) [4:12]
07. Männer Des Westens-Any Kind Of Land (Wilde Bube Version) [4:07]
08. Nothing Sweeter Than Arabia (The Relevant Madhouse Dancetteria Jour-Fix-Mix) [4:51]
09. Macho Macho (Sensible Boy's Song) [5:01]
10. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (No Mix) [5:07]

Falco [Vocals, Backing Vocals on M6/7]
Ferdi Bolland [Perform on M1~7/9, Backing Vocals on M1~4/6/7/9]
Rob Bolland [Perform on M1~7/9, Backing Vocals on M1~4/6/7/9]
Ton Op't Hof [Perform] on M1/2/5~7/9
Lex Bolderdijk [Perform] on M1/2/4/5~7/9
Jan Hollestelle [Perform] on M1/4/6/7
Gerbrand Westveen [Perform] on M5~7
Hans Hollestelle [Perform] on M6
Fred Leeflang [Perform] on M7
Ron Limberg [Perform] on M7
Eddy Conard [Perform] on M7
Curt Cress [All Instruments] on M8
Mats Björklund [All Instruments] on M8
Benny Gebauer [Alto Sax] on M10
Okkie Huysdens [Backing Vocals] on M2/7
Lisa Boray [Backing Vocals] on M5
Victoria Miles [Background Voices] on M8
Pat Shockley [Background Voices] on M8
-The Munich Choir Machine- [Bcakground Voices] on M10
-The Olaf Kübler All Star Revival Band- [Perform] on M10
-The Bollokk Strings- [Strings] on M6
-The Bollokk Horns- [Horns] on M7

Produced by Rob + Ferbdi Bolland, Falco [M8/10]
Directed by Falco
Engineered by Okkie Huysdens [M1~7/9], Robin Freeman [M2/3/5/7/9], Mal Luker [M8], Michael Högl [M10]
Recorded by Curt Cress [M8]
Mastered by Rob Bolland, Ferdi Bolland

M10: Wrongly Mastered Version
M4: Looking For Love

M1: taken from "Rock Me Amadeus" 7"EP [1985]
M3/6: taken from "Vienna Calling" 7"EP [1985]