The Innocence Mission / Small Planes [LP]


01. Oh Do Not Fly Away [2:55]
02. Today [3:42]
03. Girl On My Left [2:23]
04. Song About Traveling [3:46]
05. Some Clear Joy Is Coming [3:33]
06. Rooftop [2:07]
01. A Thousand Miles [3:43]
02. Too Early To Say [3:22]
03. Migration [4:16]
04. I Left The Grounds [1:19]
05. Small Planes [4:33]
06. I Have Loved You [2:20]

Karen Peris [Voice, Acoustic Guitar on A1~3/5//B2/3/5, Baritone Acoustic Guitar on B6, Piano on A4/6//B3/4, Organ on A1, Pump Organ on A6, Hammond Organ on B2, Electric Bass Guitar on A6//B1]
Don Peris [Electric Guitar on A1/4~6//B3, Electric Guitars on A2/3//B2/5, Acoustic Guitar on A6, Nylon String on B6, Harmony Voice on B5, Electric Bass on A1/3/5, Tambourine on A1/3, Drums on A5/6//B1]
Mike Bitts [Electric Bass Guitar on A2/4/6//B2/3~5, Tom Tom on M6, Harmony Vocal on B4/5]
Steve Brown [Drums] on A2/4//B2/3/5

Produced by The Innocence Mission
Recorded by Don Peris
Mixed by Don Peris
Mastered by Don Peris


B6: Alternate Mix

Remastered Vinyl Edition, Bandcamp Exclusive, translucent cobalt blue vinyl, with download files