The Innocence Mission / Befriended [LP]


01. Tomorrow On The Runway [4:18]
02. When Mac Was Swimming [3:47]
03. I Never Knew You From The Sun [3:12]
04. Beautiful Change [2:57]
05. Martha Avenue Love Song [3:44]
01. One For Sorrow, Two For Joy [4:04]
02. No Storms Come [1:33]
03. Sweep Down Early [4:20]
04. Walking Around [4:49]
05. Look For Me As You Go By [3:29]

Karen Peris [Guitars, Piano, Organ/Strings, Voice]
Don Peris [Guitars, Drums, Voice]
Mike Bitts [Bass]

Recorded by Don Peris
Mixed by Don Peris
Mastered by J.J. Golen

B6: taken from "Track Of The Month: The Way You Know [Promo]" Digital Single [2003]

with a printed inner sleeve