The Beatles / The Beatles


01. Back In The U.S.S.R. [2:43]
02. Dear Prudence [3:56]
03. Glass Onion [2:17]
04. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da [3:08]
05. Wild Honey Pie [1:01]
06. The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill [3:05]
07. While My Guitar Gently Weeps [4:45]
08. Happiness Is A Warm Gun [2:43]
09. Martha My Dear [2:28]
10. I'm So Tired [2:03]
11. Blackbird [2:18]
12. Piggies [2:04]
13. Rocky Raccoon [3:41]
14. Don't Pass Me By [3:42]
15. Why Don't We Do It In The Road? [1:41]
16. I Will [1:46]
17. Julia [2:54]
01. Birthday [2:42]
02. Yer Blues [4:01]
03. Mother Nature's Son [2:48]
04. Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey [2:24]
05. Sexy Sadie [3:15]
06. Helter Skelter [4:29]
07. Long, Long, Long [3:04]
08. Revolution 1 [4:15]
09.Honey Pie [2:41]
10. Savoy Truffle [2:54]
11. Cry Baby Cry [3:10]
12. Revolution 9 [8:13]
13. Good Night [3:11]

John Lennon [Vocals on D1M2/3/6/8/10/17//D2M1/2/4/5/8/11/12, Backing Vocals on D1M1/2/4/8/13//D2M2/5/6, Guitar on D2M4, Lead Guitar on D1M8/10//D2M1/2/8/9, Rhythm Guitar on D2M5/9, Electric Guitar on D1M1/2, Acoustic Guitar on D1M3/6/10/17//D2M5/8/11, Bass on D1M1//D2M6, Six String Bass on D1M13, Piano on D1M4//D2M11, Organ on D1M6/7/10//D2M11, Harmonium on D1M13, Hammond Organ on D2M5, Tenor Saxophone on D2M6, Drums on D1M1, Tambourine on D1M2//D2M1, Handclaps on D1M1/4//D2M1/4, Percussion on D1M1/16//D2M4, Harmonica on D1M13, Tape Loops on D1M12//D2M12, Effects on D2M12, Samples on D2M12]
Paul McCarteny [Vocals on D1M1/4/5/9/11/13/15/16//D2M1/3/6/9, Harmony Vocals on D1M10//D2M10, Backing Vocals on D1M1/2/6~8//D2M4/5/7/8, Lead Guitar on D1M9/15, Electric Guitar on D1M1//D2M6, Acoustic Guitar on D1M5/11/13/15/16//D2M3, Bass on D1M1~4/6~10/12~15//D2M1~5/7/8/10/11, Piano on D1M1~3/7/9/14/15//D2M1/5/8/9, Electric Piano on D1M10, Organ on D1M7, Hammond Organ on D2M7/8, Flugelhorn on D1M2, Drums on D1M1/2/5/14//D2M3, Timpani on D2M3, Tambourine on D2M10, Bongos on D2M10, Handclaps on D1M1/2/4/9/15//D2M1/4, Percussion on D1M1//D2M4, Recorder on D1M3]
George Harrison [Vocals on D1M7/12//D2M1/7/10/12, Backing Vocals on D1M1/2/4/6~8/13//D2M4~6/8, Guitar on D1M12, Lead Guitar on D1M2/3/8/10//D2M1/2/4/5/8/10/11, Electric Guitar on D1M1/9//D2M6, Acoustic Guitar on D1M4/6/7//D2M7, Six-String Bass on D1M1//D2M9, Hammond Organ on D1M7, Drums on D1M1,, Handclaps on D1M1/2/4//D2M1/4, Percussion on D1M1//D2M4, Samples on D2M12]
Ringo Starr [Vocals on D1M14//D2M13, Backing Vocals on D1M6, Piano on D1M14, Drums on D1M3/4/6~10/12/13/15//D2M1/2/4~11, Tambourine on D1M3/6~8/12//D2M5/11, Bongos on D1M4/16, Castanets on D1M7, Sleigh Bells on D1M14, Cymbals on D1M16, Maracas on D1M16, Percussion on D1M4/14//D2M4, Handclaps on D1M4/15//D2M1/4]
Yoko Ono [Vocals on D1M6//D2M12, Backing Vocals on D1M6//D2M1, Handclaps on D2M1, Effects on D2M12, Samples on D2M12]
Eric Clapton [Lead Guitar] on D1M7
Chris Thomas [Mellotron on D1M6, Harpsichord on D1M12, Piano on D2M7, Electric Piano on D2M10, Organ on D2M10]
George Martin [Piano on D1M13, Harmonium on D2M11, Celesta on D2M13, Conducting on D1M3/4/9/12//D2M8~10]
Henry Datyner [Violin] on D1M3/12
Eric Bowie [Violin] on D1M3/12
Norman Lederman [Violin] on D1M3/12
Ronald Thomas [Violin] on D1M3/12
Bernard Miller [Violin] on D1M9
Dennis McConnell [Violin] on D1M9
Lou Soufier [Violin] on D1M9
Les Maddox [Violin] on D1M9
Jack Fallon [Violin] on D1M14
John Underwood [Viola] on D1M3/12
Keith Cummings [Viola] on D1M3/12
Leo Birnbaum [Viola] on D1M9
Henry Myerscough [Viola] on D1M9
Eldon Fox [Cello] on D1M3/12
Reginald Kilby [Cello] on D1M3/9/12
Frederick Alexander [Cello] on D1M9
Chris Shepard [Stumpf Fiddle] on D1M6
Mal Evans [Backing Vocals on D1M2, Tambourine on D1M2, Handclaps on D1M2//D2M1, Trumpet on D2M6]
James Gray [Saxophone] on D1M4
Rex Morris [Saxophone on D1M4//D2M9, Trombone on D2M8]
Cyril Reuben [Saxophone] on D1M4
Dennis Walton [Saxophone] on D2M9
Ronald Chamberlain [Saxophone] on D2M9
Jim Chest [Saxophone] on D2M9
Harry Klein [Saxophone on D2M9, Baritone Saxophone on D2M10]
Art Ellefson [Tenor Saxophone] on D2M10
Danny Moss [Tenor Saxophone] on D2M10
Derek Collins [Tenor Saxophone] on D2M10
Ronnie Ross [Baritone Saxophone] on D2M10
Bernard George [Baritone Saxophone] on D2M10
Raymond Newman [Clarinet] on D2M9
David Smith [Clarinet] on D2M9
Leon Calvert [Trumpet, Flugelhorn] on D1M9
Stanley Reynolds [Trumpet] on D1M9
Ronnie Hughes [Trumpet] on D1M9
Derek Watkins [Trumpet] on D2M8
Freddy Clayton [Trumpet] on D2M8
Tony Tunstall [French Horn] on D1M9
Ted Baker [Trombone] on D1M9
Don Lang [Trombone] on D2M8
J Power [Trombone] on D2M8
Bill Povey [Trombone] on D2M8
Alf Reece [Tuba] on D1M9
Jackie Lomax [Backing Vocals, Handclaps] on D1M2
John McCartney [Backing Vocals, Handclaps] on D1M2
Maureen Starkey [Backing Vocals] on D1M6
Pattie Harrison [Backing Vocals, Handclaps] on D2M1
Francis Schwartz [Backing Vocals] on D2M8
Ingrid Thomas [Backing Vocals] on D2M13
Pat Whitmore [Backing Vocals] on D2M13
Val Stockwell [Backing Vocals] on D2M13
Irene King [Backing Vocals] on D2M13
Ross Gilmour [Backing Vocals] on D2M13
Mike Redway [Backing Vocals] on D2M13
Ken Barrie [Backing Vocals] on D2M13
Fred Lucas [Backing Vocals] on D2M13
-The Mike Sammes Singers-
Mike Sammes [Backing Vocals] on D2M13

Produced by George Martin [D1M1~7/9~14/17//D2M2~5/7~13], Chris Thomas [D1M3/8/12/16//D2M1/6], Paul McCartney [D1M15], John Lennon [D2M12]
Engineered by Ken Scott [D1M1/3/5~8/10/12~14/16/17//D2M1~7/10/11/13], Barry Sheffield [D1M2/9//D2M9/10], Geoff Emerick [D1M4/11/14//D2M4/8/11~13], Ken Townsend [D1M15], Peter Bown [D2M8/13]

Stereo Version
as known as "White Album"