ABBA / Gold: Greatest Hits


01. Dancing Queen [3:51]
02. Knowing Me, Knowing You [4:03]
03. Take A Chance On Me [4:06]
04. Mamma Mia [3:33]
05. Lay All Your Love On Me [4:35]
06. Super Trouper [4:13]
07. I Have A Dream [4:42]
08. The Winner Takes It All [4:54]
09. Money, Money, Money [3:06]
10. S.O.S. [3:20]
11. Chiquitita [5:24]
12. Fernando [4:14]
13. Voulez Vous [5:10]
14. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) [4:52]
15. Does Your Mother Know [3:13]
16. One Of Us [3:57]
17. The Name Of The Game [4:53]
18. Thank You For The Music [3:49]
19. Waterloo [2:48]

Anni-Frid Lyngstad [Lead Vocals on M1/2/6/7/9/12/17, Backing Vocals on M1/4~12/14~18, Co-Lead Vocals on M4, Vocals on M3/13/19]
Agnetha Fältskog [Lead Vocals on M1/5/8/10/11/14/16~18, Backing Vocals on M1/2/4/6/7/9/12/14/15, Co-Lead Vocals on M4, Vocals on M3/13/19]
Björn Ulvaeus [Guitar on M2/7/10~14/16/17, Electric Guitar on M1/3, Acoustic Guitar on M3/5/6/8/19, Acoustic Rhythm Guitar on M18, Rhythm Guitar on M4, Banjo on M7, Mandolin on M16/18, Lead Vocals on M15, Backing Vocals on M2/4~9/18, Vocals on M3]
Benny Andersson [Keyboards on M2/3/5/6/8~19, Synthesizer on M1~3/5~7/9/10/13~17, Piano on M1/4, Vocals on M3, Marimba on M4, Backing Vocals on M4~8/18]
Finn Sjöberg [Guitar] on M4
Janne Schaffer [Guitar on M7/8/10/13/15/19, Lead Guitar on M4/6, Electric Rhythm Guitar on M2]
Lasse Wellander [Guitar on M5/8/11/12/14~17, Electric Lead Guitar on M2, Acoustic Lead Guitar on M18, Lead Guitar on M17, Mandolin on M16/18]
Anders Glenmark [Electric Guitar] on M9
George Terry [Guitar] on M13
Ish Ledesma [Guitar] on M13
Rutger Gunnarsson [Bass on M1~3/5/7/11/12/14/16~19, Mandolin on M16]
Mike Watson [Bass] on M4/6/8/10/15
Arnold Paseiro [Bass] on M13
Roger Palm [Drums on M1/3/4/18, Tambourine on M1/18, Hi-Hat Percussion on M1]
Ola Brunkert [Drums] on M5/7/8/10~12/14~17/19
Per Lindvall [Drums] on M6
Joe Galdo [Drums] on M13
Malando Gassama [Percussion] on M3/17
Åke Sundqvist [Percussion] on M6/8/14
Paul Harris [Piano] on M13
Halldór Pálsson [Tenor Saxophone] on M13/14
Johan Stengård [Tenor Saxophone] on M13
Lars O. Carlsson [Tenor Saxophone on M14/15, Saxophone on M17]
Kajtek Wojciechowski [Tenor Saxophone] on M15
Christer Eklund [Tenor Saxophone] on M19
Nils Landgren [Trombone] on M13
Christer Danielsson [Bass Trombone] on M14
Janne Kling [Flute] on M12
International School of Stockholm Choir [Choir] on M7

Produced by B. Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus
Engineered by Michael B. Tretow
Directed [Choir] by Kerstin Feist [M7]

M19: taken from "Waterloo" 7"EP [1974]
M4/10: taken from "ABBA" LP [1975]
M12: taken from "Fernando" 7"EP [1976]
M1: taken from "Dancing Queen" 7"EP [1976]
M2/9: taken from "Arrival" LP [1976]
M17: taken from "The Name Of The Game" 7"EP [1977]
M3/18: taken from "ABBA: The Album" LP [1977]
M11: taken from "Chiquitita" 7"EP [1979]
M7/13/15: taken from "Voulez-Vous" LP [1979]
M14: taken from "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)" 7"EP [1979]
M8: taken from "The Winner Takes It All" 7"EP [1980]
M5/6: taken from "Super Trouper" LP [1980]
M16: taken from "The Visitors" LP [1981]