10,000 Maniacs / Secrets Of The I Ching [USA Pressing]


-side A-
01. Grey Victory
02. Pour De Chirico
03. Death Of Manolete
04. Tension
05. Daktari
-side B-
01. Pit Viper
02. Katrina'S Fair
03. The Latin One
04. National Education Week
05. My Mother The War

Robert Buck [Principal Guitars, Devices]
Natalie Merchant [Voice]
Dennis Drew [Organ, Piano]
Steven Gustafson [Bass, 3rd Guitar]
Jerome Augustyniak [Percussion]
J.C. Lombardo [2nd Guitar, Bass]

Production by 10,000 Maniacs, David Brick
Engineering by David Brick

with a lyric insert, US Pressing