The Beautiful South / The Munch - Our Hits


01. Song For Whoever [4:11]
02. You Keep It All In [2:54]
03. I'll Sail This Ship Alone [4:11]
04. A Little Time [3:03]
05. My Book [2:52]
06. Let Love Speak Up Itself [4:31]
07. Old Red Eyes Is Back [3:37]
08. We Are Each Other [3:36]
09. Bell Bottomed Tear [3:21]
10. 36D [4:23]
11. Good As Gold (Stupid As Mud) [3:50]
12. Everybody's Talkin' [2:35]
13. Prettiest Eyes [3:53]
14. One Last Love Song [3:34]
15. Pretenders To The Throne [3:15]
16. Dream A Little Dream [3:38]
17. Rotterdam (Or Anywhere) [3:24]
18. Don't Marry Her [3:25]
19. Blackbird On The Wire [4:54]
20. Liars Bar [4:25]
21. Perfect 10 [3:36]
22. How Long's A Tear Take To Dry? [3:18]
23. Dumb [4:42]
24. The Table [3:26]
25. Closer Than Most [3:07]
26. The River [4:12]
27. The Root Of All Evil [2:26]

Paul Heaton [Vocals on C1~3/5~8/10/11/13~16/19~27, Harmonica on C26]
Dave Hemingway [Vocals on C1~5/7~11/13/14/23/25/27, Percussion on C27]
Jacqueline Abbott [Vocals] on C11~18/21~25
Briana Corrigan [Vocals] on C2/4/5/7~9
Dave Rotheray [Guitar] on C1~15/17~27
Sean Welch [Bass]
Dave Stead [Drums]
Mel Wesson [Keyboards] on C1/2
Pete Wingfield [Piano, Keyboards] on C1~4/6
Damon Butcher [Keyboards] on C4~25/27
Jody Kitson [Percussion] on C5
Martin Ditcham [Percussion] on C7~9/12/16/17/19/25
Andy Duncan [Percussion] on C17/19
Gary Hammond [Percussion] on C20~23/25
Dave McCragen [Programming] on C25
Gary Barnacle [Saxophone, Flute] on C2/4~6/10
Gary Birtles [Saxophone] on C14
Kevin Brown [Saxophone] on C4~6/10/14/27
John Thirkle [Trumpet, Flugelhorn] on C2/3
Tony Robinson [Trumpet] on C4~6/10/14
Gaz Birtles [Trumpet] on C27
Peter Thoms [Trombone] on C2/4~6/10
Paul Weller [Additional Guitar] on C21
Gavin Wright [Orchestra Leader] on C12
-Black Dyke Mills Band- [Horns] on C20
-The London Community Gospel Choir- [Backing Vocals] on C24
-Kick Horn-
Simon C. Clarke [Brass] on C11/21/22
Roddy Lorimer [Brass] on C11/21/22
Tim Sanders [Brass] on C11/21/22
Annie Whitehead [Brass] on C11/21/22

Produced by Mike Hedges [C1~6], Lenny Kaye [C5], John Rowley [C6], Jon Kelly [C7~13/15~25], His Magic Pumpkin [C16], John Brough [C14], The Magic Pumpkins [C3/4/15/20], Paul Heaton [C21~25]
Additional Production by John Brough [C18/19]
Engineered by Ian Grimble [C1/2], Dave Meeghan [C2], Haydn Bendall [C3], Lance Phillips [C4~6], Ben Kape [C4~6], Rupert Coulson [C4~6], John Brough [C7~25], The Magic Pumpkin [C14]
Instrumental Engineered by John Brough [C20]
Assisted by Steve Orchard [C7~10], Will O'Donovan [C11~13]
Assistant Engineers by Marco Migliari [C25], Andrew Nicholls [C25]
Mixed by Lance Phillips [C8~10], Jon Kelly [C7/21~25], John Brough [C11~13/17/21~25], His Magic Pumpkin [C11~13], Paul Heaton [C21~25]
Remixed by Jon Kelly [C13], John Brough [C13/20], The Magic Pumpkin [C20]
Rhythm Consultant by Norman Cook [C21~24]
Open Groove Surgery by Norman Cook [C25]
Sound by Samuel R. Santana [C20]
Dubbing Mixer by Steve Haynes [C20]
Dubbing Assistant by Nick Moss [C20]

Recorded Live at BBC, London, England, UK, 1996, for Later... With Jools Holland [C20]
Recorded Live at BBC, London, England, UK, 2000, for Later... With Jools Holland [C26]
Recorded Live at BBC, London, England, UK, 2001, for The Base TV [C27]

C1/17/18: Single Edit
C5/9: Edit
C3: Single Mix
C8: Remix
C6/10/16: Video Edit
C22~24: Single Mix Video Edit
C13: Remix Video Edit
C20: Edit Remix From 'Later With Jools' Special
C26/27: Live

C1: taken from "Song For Whoever" 7"EP [1989]
C2: taken from "You Keep It All In" 7"EP [1989]
C3: taken from "I'll Sail This Ship Alone" 7"EP [1989]
C4: taken from "A Little Time" 7"EP [1990]
C5: taken from "My Book" 7"EP [1990]
C7: taken from "Old Red Eyes Is Back" 7"EP [1991]
C8: taken from "We Are Each Other" 7"EP [1992]
C9: taken from "Bell Bottomed Tear [European Pressing]" CDEP [1992]
C11: taken from "Good As Gold (Stupid As Mud)" 7"EP [1994]
C12: taken from "Miaow" LP [1994]
C14: taken from "One Last Love Song" 7"EP [1994]
C15: taken from "Pretenders To The Throne" EP [1995]
C17: taken from "Rotterdam" EP [1996]
C19: taken from "Blue Is The Colour" LP [1996]
C18: taken from "Don't Marry Her" EP [1996]
C20: taken from "Liars' Bar [Promo]" EP [1997]
C21: taken from "Perfect 10" EP [1998]
C25: taken from "Closer Than Most" EP [2000]