Billy Bragg & Wilco / Mermaid Avenue


01. Walt Whitman's Niece [3:53]
02. California Stars [4:58]
03. Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key [4:06]
04. Birds And Ships [2:15]
05. Hoodoo Voodoo [3:12]
06. She Came Along To Me [3:28]
07. At My Window Sad And Lonely [3:27]
08. Ingrid Bergman [1:50]
09. Christ For President [2:42]
10. I Guess I Planted [3:33]
11. One By One [3:25]
12. Eisler On The Go [2:57]
13. Hesitating Beauty [3:05]
14. Another Man's Done Gone [1:36]
15. The Unwelcome Guest [5:05]

Jay Bennett [Piano on M1/2/9/10~13, Grand Piano on M14/15, Clavinet on M1/9, Farfisa on M1/5, Organ on M1/5/11, Hammond B3 on M3/7/10, Dulcimer on M7, Melodica on M12/15, Acoustic Guitar on M6, Electric Guitar on M13, Slide Guitar on M6, Electric Bass on M6, Banjo on M9, Drums on M1, Percussion on M12, Bouzouki on M3, Bass Pedals on M5, Backing Vocal on M2/7/10/13, Harmony Vocal on M6, Answering Vocals on M1, Handclap on M10]
Billy Bragg [Acoustic Guitar on M1~4/8/10, Electric Guitar on M5/13, National Guitar on M9/12, Banjo on M12, Lead Vocal on M1/3/6/10, Vocal on M8/12, Backing Vocal on M7/10, Bouzouki on M7, Handclap on M10]
Ken Coomer [Drums on M1~3/5~7/9~11/13, Percussion on M1~3/6/9/12, Backing Vocal on M10, Answering Vocals on M1, Handclap on M10]
John Stirratt [Acoustic Bass on M1/9, Electric Bass on M2/3/5/7/10/11/13, Acoustic Guitar on M6, Piano [Bass] on M5], Hammond B3 on M6, Bass Pedals on M9, Backing Vocal on M2/7/10, Answering Vocals on M1, Handclap on M10]
Jeff Tweedy [Acoustic Guitar on M2/6/7/9/11, Electric Guitar on M1/10, Harmonica on M1/6, Vocal on M5/9/11/14, Lead Vocal on M2/7/13, Backing Vocal on M10, Answering Vocals on M1, Handclap on M10]
Jonathan "JP" Parker [Answering Vocals] on M1
Corey Harris [Electric Guitar on M5, Lap Steel Guitar on M2, Backing Vocal on M10, Handclap on M10]
Eliza Carthy [Violin] on M2/3
Natalie Merchant [Vocals on M4, Backing Vocal on M3]
Elizabeth Steen [Accordion] on M3
Peter Yanowitz [Chorus Drums] on M3
Bob Egan [Slide Guitar on M6, Pedal Steel on M11]

Produced by Wilco, Billy Bragg, Grant Showbiz
Engineered by Jerry Boys, Dave Trumfio, Mike Hagler, Matt Ellard, Scott Eisenberg
Technical Assistance by Jonathan "JP" Parker