Bryan Adams / Reckless


01. One Night Love Affair [4:33]
02. She's Only Happy When She's Dancin' [3:14]
03. Run To You [3:53]
04. Heaven [4:03]
05. Somebody [4:43]
06. Summer Of '69 [3:36]
07. Kids Wanna Rock [2:35]
08. It's Only Love / Bryan Adams W/Tina Turner [3:15]
09. Long Gone Dead [3:58]
10. Ain't Gonna Cry [4:06]

Bryan Adams [Vocals on M1~7/9/10, Rhythm Guitars on M1~3/5~7/9/10, Lead Guitar on M5/9, Piano on M4, Percussion on M4, Harp on M9, Handclaps on M2, Background Vocals on M2/5/10, Harmony Vocal on M6, Gang Vocals on M7]
Jim Vallance [Percussion] on M1~3/5/6
Keith Scott [Rhythm Guitars on M1~3/5/9, Lead Guitars on M1~3/5~7/10, Guitar on M4, Handclaps on M2, Background Vocals on M2/5/10, Gang Vocals on M7]
Dave Taylor [Bass] on M1~7/9/10
Pat Steward [Drums on M1/6/7, Gang Vocals on M7]
Tommy Mandel [Keyboards] on M1~3/5/7/9/10
Mickey Curry [Drums] on M2/3/5/9/10
Jody Perpick [Handclaps on M2, Gang Vocals on M7]
Beanbag [Handclaps] on M2
Lou Gramm [Background Vocals] on M2
Rob Sabino [Keyboards] on M4
Steve Smith [Drums] on M4
John Eddie [Background Vocals] on M5
Gerry Berg [Gang Vocals] on M7
Bob Clearmountain [Gang Vocals] on M7
Dumpster Solo [Dumpster] on M10

-Bryan Adams W/Tina Turner-
Bryan Adams [Rhythm Guitar, Vocals] on M8
Tina Turner [Lead Vocals] on M8
Keith Scott [Lead Guitar] on M8
Tommy Mandel [Keyboards] on M8
Dave Taylor [Bass] on M8
Mickey Curry [Drums] on M8

Produced by Bryan Adams, Bob Clearmountain
Engineered by Bob Clearmountain
Assisted by Mike Fraser, Bruce Lampcov, Michael Sauvage
Assosciate Producer by Jim Vallance
Mastered by Bob Ludwig