Billy Joel / Greatest Hits Volume I & Volume II


01. Piano Man [5:36]
02. Captain Jack [6:56]
03. The Entertainer [3:38]
04. Say Goodbye To Hollywood [3:54]
05. New York State Of Mind [6:02]
06. The Stranger [5:07]
07. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant [7:33]
08. Just The Way You Are [3:36]
09. Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) [3:28]
10. Only The Good Die Young [3:53]
11. She's Always A Woman [3:19]
01. My Life [3:51]
02. Big Shot [3:45]
03. Honesty [3:51]
04. You May Be Right [4:13]
05. It's Still Rock And Roll To Me [2:55]
06. She's Got A Way [3:00]
07. Pressure [3:15]
08. Allentown [3:48]
09. Goodnight Saigon [7:00]
10. Tell Her About It [3:35]
11. Uptown Girl [3:15]
12. The Longest Time [3:36]
13. You're Only Human (Second Wind) [4:48]
14. The Night Is Still Young [5:29]

Billy Joel [Vocal on D1M1/2, Vocals on D1M3~11//D2, Piano on D1M1/2/4~11//D2M1~12, Keyboards on D1M3~7/9~11//D2M14, Electric Keyboards on D1M8, Synthesizers on D1M6~11//D2M7~9, Moog Synhesizer on D1M3, Hammond Organ on D2M7~9, Melodica on D2M7~9, Fender Rhodes on D2M10~12, Hammond B-3 on D2M10~12, Harmonica on D2M14]
Bobbi Hall [Percussion] on D1M1/2
Dean Parks [Guitar] on D1M1/2
Larry Carlton [Guitar] on D1M1/2
Williams Bennett [Guitar Overdubs] on D1M1/2
Wilton Felder [Bass] on D1M1/2
Ron Tutt [Drums] on D1M1~3
Michael Omartian [Keyboards] on D1M1/2
Don Evans [Guitar] on D1M3
Emory Gordy [Bass] on D1M3
Gary Dalton [Guitar] on D1M3
Tom Whithorse [Banjo, Pedal Steel] on D1M3
Doug Stegmeyer [Bass on D1M4~11//D2M1~5/7~14, Background Vocals on D2M1/2]
Howie Emerson [Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar] on D1M4
James Smith [Acoustic Guitars] on D1M4
Liberty DeVitto [Drums] on D1M4~11//D2M1~5/7~14
Mingo Lewis [Percussion] on D1M4
Richie Cannata [Saxophone on D1M4/5//D2M1/2/4/5, Clarinet on D1M6~11//D2M1/2, Flute on D1M6~11, Organ on D1M6~11//D2M1/2/4/5, Soprano Sax on D1M6~11, Tenor Sax on D1M6~11]
Russell Javors [Electric Guitar on D1M4//D2M4/5/7~12, Acoustic Guitar on D1M4//D2M4/5/7~12, Rhythm Guitar on D2M13]
Neil Jason [Percussion] on D1M5
Hiram Bullock [Electric Guitars] on D1M6~11
Patrick Williams [Orchestration] on D1M6~10
Steve Khan [Electric Guitar on D1M6/7/9~11//D2M1/2, High String Guitar on D1M6~11, Six String Electric Guitar on D1M8, Twelve String Electric Guitar on D1M8, Acoustic Guitars on D1M8/11//D2M1/2]
Hugh McCracken [Acoustic Guitar] on D1M8
Ralph McDonald [Percussion] on D1M8
Steve Burgh [Acoustic Guitar] on D1M8
Phil Woods [Alto Sax] on D1M8
Donnie Dacus [Background Vocals] on D2M1/2
Peter Cetera [Background Vocals] on D2M1
David Spinozza [Acoustic Guitar] on D2M3
Robert Freedman [Orchestration] on D2M3
David Nadien [Concertmaster] on D2M3
David Brown [Acoustic Guitar on D2M4/5/7~12, Electric Guitar on D2M4/5/7~12, Lead Guitar on D2M13]
Bill Zampino [Field Snare] on D2M9
Mark Rivera [Alto Sax on D2M10~12, Tenor Sax on D2M10~12, Percussion on D2M10~12, Syntharmonicas on D2M13]
Richard Tee [Acoustic Piano] on D2M10
Michael Brecker [Tenor Sax] on D2M10/12
Ronnie Cuber [Baritone Sax on D2M10/12, Syntharmonicas on D2M13]
John Garchell [Trumpet] on D2M10/12
Joe Shepley [Trumpet] on D2M10/12
Jimmy Bralower [Percussion] on D2M13/14
Peter Hewlett [Background Vocals] on D2M13
Frank Simms [Background Vocals] on D2M13
David Lebolt [Synthesizer on D2M13, Synthesizers on D2M14]
Jon Faddis [Syntharmonicas] on D2M13
John McCurry [Guitar] on D2M14

Produced by Michael Stewart [D1M1~3], Billy Joel [D1M4/5], Phil Ramone [D1M6~11//D2]
Produced in Association with Home Run [D1M6~11//D2M1~5]
Production Coordinator by John Bradley [D1M4/5], Kathy Kurs [D1M6~11//D2M1~3], Carol Peters [D2M1~3], Michele Slagrer [D2M4/5], Laura Loncteaux [D2M7~12], Joseph D'Ambrosio [D2M13/14]
Production Assistant by John Bradley [D1M4/5], Kathy Kurs [D1M6~11//D2M1~3], Carol Peters [D2M1~3], Michele Slagrer [D2M4/5], Laura Loncteaux [D2M6~12], Joseph D'Ambrosio [D2M13/14]
Concert Recording Produced by Brian Ruggles [D2M6]
Engineers by Ron Malo [D1M1/2], Don Puluse [D1M4/5], Jim Boyer [D1M6~11//D2M1~5/7~14], Phil Ramone [D1M6~11], Bradshaw Leigh [D2M7~9]
Engineers in Concert by Elliot Scheiner [D2M6], Jim Boyer [D2M6]
Additional Engineering by Bradshaw Leigh [D2M10~12]
Assistant Engineers by John Bradley [D1M4/5], David Martone [D2M1~3], Bradshaw Leigh [D2M4/5], Larry Franke [D2M7~9], Andy Hoffman [D2M7~9], Michael Christopher [D2M7~9], Mike Allaire [D2M10/~12], Scott James [D2M10~12], Peter Hafter [D2M13/14]
Assistant Engineer in Concert by Chaz Clifton [D2M6], Paul Hulse [D2M6]
Mixed by Bruce Botnick [D1M4/5]
Remixed by Jim Boyer [D2M1~3/6~12], Phil Ramone [D2M1~3/6], Elliot Scheiner [D2M6]
Associate Engineers by Bradshaw Leigh [D2M6], Larry Franke [D2M6], Domonick Maita [D2M6], Tom Roberts [D2M6]
Mastered by Ted Jensen

Recorded Live at Milwaukee Arena, Milwaukee, WI, USA, July 14, 1980 [D1M4]
Recorded Live at Paradise Club, Boston, MA, USA, June, 1980 [D2M6]

D1M4/8//D2M1/2/7/10: Edited Version
D1M2: Early Fade

D1M1/2: taken from "Piano Man" LP [1973]
D1M3: taken from "Streetlife Serenade" LP [1974]
D1M5: taken from "Turnstiles" LP [1976]
D1M6/7/9~11: taken from "The Stranger" LP [1977]
D2M3: taken from "52nd Street" LP [1978]
D2M4/5: taken from "Glass Houses" LP [1980]
D2M6: taken from "Songs In The Attic" LP [1981]
D2M8/9: taken from "The Nylon Curtain" LP [1982]
D2M11/12: taken from "An Innocent Man" LP [1983]

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