Cameo / Cameosis


01. Cameosis [4:11]
02. Shake Your Pants [6:24]
03. Please You [4:19]
04. We're Goin' Out Tonight [4:44]
05. I Care For You [4:37]
06. On The One [5:00]
07. Why Have I Lost You [5:14]

Larry Blackmon [Drums, Percussion, Lead Vocals, Background Vocals]
Gregory Johnson [Fender Rhodes, Moog, Background Vocals]
Anthony Lockett [Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals, Background Vocals]
Nathan Leftenant [Trumpet, Background Vocals]
Arnett Leftenant [Tenor Saxophone, Background Vocals]
Wayne Cooper [Lead Vocals, Background Vocals]
Tomi Jenkins [Lead Vocals, Background Vocals]
Aaron Mills [Bass Guitar, Background Vocals]
Thomas "T.C." Campbell [Acoustic Piano, Fender Rhodes, Mini-Moog, Prophet]
Jeryl Bright [Trombone, Background Vocals]
Angel Allende [Congas]
Arthur Young [Trumpet]
-Irving Spice's Strings-
Irving Spice [Violin] on M4/7
David Sackson [Viola] on M4/7
Deborah Idol [Viola] on M4/7
Elliot Rosoff [Violin] on M4/7
Louis Gabowitz [Violin] on M4/7
Louis Stone [Violin] on M4/7
Sally Rosoff [Violoncello] on M4/7
Seymour Barab [Violoncello] on M4/7
Seymour Berman [Viola] on M4/7

Produced by Larry Blackmon
Engineered by Steve Jerome
Assistant Engineers by Nina Rhodes, Tracey Melvin
Mixed by Larry Blackmon, Bill Vermillion
Mastered by Jack Skinner
Digitally Remastered by Gary Mayo

Digitally Remastered