Candiria / 300 Percent Density


01. 300 Percent Density [6:06]
02. Signs Of Discontent [3:00]
03. Without Water [3:53]
04. Mass [1:44]
05. Constant Velocity Is As Natural As Being At Rest [4:27]
06. Words Fro The Lexicon [4:41]
07. Channeling Elements [5:39]
08. Advancing Positions [2:14]
09. The Obvious Destination [4:21]
10. Contents Under Pressure [6:31]
11. Opposing Meter [5:42]
-hidden track-
12. [untitled] [12:41]

Carley Coma [Vocalizations] on M1~3/5~10
John Lamacchia [Guitar on M1~5/7/9~10/12, All Additional Guitars on M1~3/5/7/9/10, Keyboard on M8, Tongue Drum on M8]
Michael Macivor [Bass] on M1~3/5/7/9/10/12
Eric Matthews [Guitar] on M1~3/5/7/9/10/12
Kenneth Schalk [Drumset on M1~3/5~12, Breathing Accordion on M1, Keyboard on M1~3/5/7/10, Didgeridoo on M2/3/8, Toy Dulcimer on M5, Percussion on M5/7/10, Djembe Drum on M8, Wind Chimes on M8, Whistling on M8, Marimba on M9]
Tim [Trumpet] on M5/7/10
Advocate [Rap] on M6
Chief [Rap] on M6
Diz [Rap] on M6
Kid Gambino [Rap] on M6
Grace Marie [Backing Vocal] on M7

Produced by Candiria, Michael Barile
Engineered by Michael Brile, Kenneth Schalk, Franci D.
Mixed by Michael Barile, Candiria
Mastered by Roger Lian

with a hidden track

M12: M11[8:43~21:25]