Cap'n Jazz / Analphabetapolothology


01. Little League [3:56]
02. Oh Messy Life [2:02]
03. Puddle Splashers [2:03]
04. Flashpoint: Catheter [3:24]
05. In The Clear [1:57]
06. Yes, I Am Talking To You [2:36]
07. Basil's Kite [2:36]
08. Bluegrassish [1:08]
09. Planet Shhh [2:59]
10. The Sands've Turn'd Purple [2:45]
11. Precious [2:43]
12. Que Suerte! [3:04]
13. Take On Me [3:03]
14. Tokyo [3:59]
15. Ooh Do I Love You [2:00]
16. Hey Ma, Do I Hafta Choke On These [2:08]
17. Forget Who We Are [2:46]
18. Olerud [3:28]
01. We Are Scientists! [3:13]
02. Sea Tea [2:32]
03. Troubled By Insects [3:58]
04. Rocky Rococo [4:22]
05. In The Clear [2:14]
06. Soria [2:17]
07. No Use For A Piano Player [1:38]
08. Scary Kids Scaring Kids [4:48]
09. Bluegrass [4:12]
10. Winter Wonderland [1:45]
11. AOK [3:02]
12. Geheim [2:40]
13. Sergio Valente [3:28]
14. Easy Driver [3:20]
15. Theme To "90120" [2:17]
16. Ooh Do I Love You / The Knick'd Rakes [4:05]

Tim Kinsella [Vocals on D1//D2M1~14, Harmonica'd on D1M16, Horn on D2M1~4/10, Drums on D2M15]
Mike Kinsella [Drums on D1//D2M1~9/11~14, Vocals on D1M16//D2M4/10, Backing Vocals on D2M13, Guitars on D2M15]
Sam Zurick [Bass on D1//D2M1~9/11~14, Vocals on D2M10]
Victor Villarreal [Guitars on D1//D2M1~14, Vocals on D2M10, Backing Vocals on D2M13]
Davey Von Bohlen [Guitars, Backing Vocals] on D1//D2M1~9/11~14
Anja Westerweck ["Kitty, Kitty Cats"] on D1M1
Kevin J. Frank [Kevin J.] [Piano on D1M8, Guitar Noise on D2M2, Backing Vocals on D2M12/13]
Casey Rice [Tambourine] on D1M1/3
Sudden Porthole [Bass, Backing Vocals] on D2M1~4
Basil Shadid [Backing Vocals] on D2M4
Erika [Backing Vocals] on D2M4
Scott Broadhurst [Backing Vocals] on D2M4
Donna Kinsella [Vocals, Keys] on D2M10
Betsy Blake [Vocals] on D2M10
Erik Bocek [Backing Vocals] on D2M13
Neal Jensen [Backing Vocals] on D2M13
Aaron Lipke [Backing Vocals] on D2M13
Shane Mason [Backing Vocals] on D2M13

-The Knick'd Rakes-
Tim Kinsella [Vocals] on D2M16
Mike Kinsella [Guitar] on D2M16

Produced by Kevin Frank [D2M1~4], all those present [D2M11~14]
Engineered by Kevin J. Frank [D2M1~4], Neal Jensen [D2M1~4/11~14]
Recorded by Casey Rice [D1M1~12], Robroy Campbell [D1M13~16], Kevin J. Frank [D1M13~16//D2M1~3], Aadam Jacobs' Sonic Archives Mobile Recording Unit [D1M17/18], Andrew J. Blake [D2M10], Neal Jensen [D2M1~9/11~14]
Mixed by Casey Rice [D1M1~12], Elliot Dicks [D1M13~16], Neal Jensen [D2M10]

Recorded Live at Fireside Bowl, Chicago, IL, USA, July 7, 1995 [D1M17/18]

D2M4: Butterfly Version

D2M1~3: taken from "Sometimes If You Stand Further Away From Something, It Does Not Seem As Big. Sometimes You Can Stand So Close To Something You Can Not Tell What You Are Looking At." 7"EP [1993]
D2M5/7: taken from "How The Midwest Was Won..." V.A. 2x7"EP [1993]
D2M6: taken from "Picking More Daisies" V.A. 2x7"EP [1993]
D2M8: taken from "It's A Punk Thing, You Wouldn't Understand" V.A. LP [1993]
D2M11~14: taken from "Boys 16 To 18 Years...Age Of Action" 7"EP [1993]
D2M10: taken from "A Very Punk Christmas" 7"EP [1993]
D2M9: taken from "Ghost Dance" V.A. 2x7"EP [1994]
D2M4: taken from "Friction/Capn. Jazz - Nothing Dies With Blue Skies" split 7"EP [1995]
D1M1~12: taken from "Burritos, Inspiration Point, Fork Balloon Sports, Cards In The Spokes, Automatic Biographies, Kites, Kung Fu, Trophies, Banana Peels We've Slipped On, And Egg Shells We've Tippy Toed Over" LP [1995]
D2M15: taken from "Punk TV" V.A. LP [1995]
D1M16: taken from "We've Lost Beauty" V.A. LP [1995]
D2M16: taken from "Ooh Do I Love You" V.A. LP [1996]