Carole King / Tapestry


01. I Feel The Earth Move [2:58]
02. So Far Away [3:55]
03. It's Too Late [3:53]
04. Home Again [2:29]
05. Beautiful [3:07]
06. Way Over Yonder [4:44]
07. You've Got A Friend [5:09]
08. Where You Lead [3:20]
09. Will You Love Me Tomorrow? [4:12]
10. Smackwater Jack [3:41]
11. Tapestry [3:14]
12. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman [3:58]
-Bonus Tracks
13. Out In The Cold [2:45]
14. Smackwater Jack (Live Version) [3:20]

Carole King [Keyboards on M1/5/11/12, Piano on M2~4/6~10/13/14, Vocals on M1~4/7/12, Vocal on M5/6/8~11/13/14, Background Vocal on M8/10]
Joel O'Brien [Drums] on M1/3/5/6/10/13
Charles Larkey [Electric Bass on M1~3/5/6/8/10/13, String Bass on M4/7/9/12]
Danny Kootch [Electric Guitar on M1/3/6/8/10, Conga on M3/5/7, Acoustic Guitar on M9]
Daniel Kortchmar [Conga] on M13
Russ Kunkel [Drums] on M2/4/8/9
James Taylor [Acoustic Guitar on M2/4/6/7/9, Granfalloon on M9]
Curtis Amy [Flute on M2/13, Soprano Sax on M3, Tenor Sax on M6, Baritone Sax on M10]
Ralph Schuckett [Electric Piano] on M3/8/10/13
Merry Clayton [Background Vocal] on M6/8/10/13
Julia Tillman [Background Vocal] on M8/10/13
Perry Steinberg [String Bass] on M6
Barry Socher [Violin] on M6/7
David Campbell [Viola] on M6/7
Terry King [Cello] on M6/7
-The Mitchell/Taylor Boy-and-Girl Choir- [Background Vocals] on M9

Produced by Lou Adler
Engineer by Hank Cicalo
Mastered by Vic Anesini

Recorded Live in Boston, MA, USA, May 21, 1973 [M14]


1999 Remastered Edition, with 2 bonus tracks, and a Japanese explanation