Catie Curtis / Truth From Lies


01. You Can Always Be Gone [3:06]
02. Troubled Mind [4:00]
03. Radical [3:42]
04. Dad's Yard [4:23]
05. Silhouette [4:19]
06. Everybody Was Dancing [4:25]
07. Slave To My Belly [4:02]
08. The Party's Over [3:54]
09. Crocodile Tears [2:53]
10. The Wolf [3:16]
11. Just Getting By [4:25]
12. Cry Fire [3:24]

Catie Curtis [Acoustic Guitar, Vocal on M1~7/9/11/12, Vocals on M8/10]
Paulinho DaCosta [Percussion] on M1/3/10
Steve Ferris [Baritone Guitars on M1, Electric Guitar on M1]
Mike Finnegan [Organ] on M1/3/10
Denny Fongheiser [Drums] on M1/3/10
Tal Hertberg [Bass Guitar] on M1/3/10
Jay Dee Mennis [Steel Guitar] on M1/10
Mark Romano [12 String Electric Guitar on M1, Background Vocal on M1, Accordion on M3/10, Electric Guitar on M3, 12 String Guitar on M3]
Richard Gates [Bass Guitar] on M2/4~9/12
John Gorka [Harmony Vocals on M2, Harmony Vocal on M4]
Duke Levine [Second Acoustic on M2, Electric Guitar on M4/6~9]
Rick Dorr [Organ on M3, Keyboards on M10]
Jerome Deupree [Drums] on M4/6/7/9
Tom Hambridge [Drums] on M5
Rick Harris [2nd Acoustic Guitar on M5, Electric Guitar on M5/12]
Alan Williams [Piano on M5/6, Harmony Vocal on M5, Synthesizer on M12]
Billy Conway [Drums] on M8
Seth Connolly [Bass Guitar, Harmony Vocal] on M11
Patty Larkin [2nd Acoustic Guitar] on M12

Produced by Darleen Wilson [M2/4~9/11/12], David Kershenbarum [M1/3/10]
Recorded by Brian Capough [M2/4/6~9/11/12], Coleman Rogers [M5], Kevin Smith [M1/3/10], Helik Hader [M1/3/10]
Additional Recording by Darleen Wilson [M5]
[Recorded] Assisted by Doug Boehm [M1/3/10]
Mixed by Brian Capough [M2/4/6~9/11/12], Darleen Wilson [M5], Coleman Rogers [M5], Kevin Smith [M1/3/10]
[Mixed] Assisted by Brian Young [M1/3/10]
Edited by Alan Williams
Mastered by Vlado Meller