Celtic Frost / Morbid Tales


01. Human (Intro) [0:41]
02. Into The Crypts Of Rays [3:39]
03. Visions Of Mortality [4:48]
04. Dethroned Emperor [4:38]
05. Morbid Tales [3:28]
06. Procreation (Of The Wicked) [4:04]
07. Return To The Eve [4:07]
08. Danse Macabre [3:51]
09. Nocturnal Fear [3:38]
10. Circle Of The Tyrants [4:28]
11. Visual Aggression [4:13]
12. Suicidal Winds [4:36]

Thomas Gabriel Warrior [Voice, Guitars on M2~12, Sound Effects on M8/9]
Martin Eric Ain [Bass on M2~7/9~12, Voice on M1/8, Sound Effects on M8/9]
Stephen Priestly [Drums on M2~7/9, Percussion on M8, Sound Effects on M8]
Reed St. Mark [Drums] on M10~12
Horst Müller [Additional Vocals on M4/6, Sound Effects on M8]
Hertha Ohling [Additional Vocals] on M7
Oswald Spengler [Violin] on M8/9

Produced by "Mad" Horst Müller [M1~9], Thomas Gabriel Warrior [M10~12], Rick "Lights" [M10~12]
Co-Produced by Tomas Gabriel Warrior [M1~9], Martin Ain
Engineered by "Mad" Horst Müller [M1~9], Thomas "I Hope It'll Work" Süsstrunk [M10~12]
Mixed by "Mad" Horst Müller [M1~9]
1999 Re-Issue Editing by Thomas Gabriel Fischer, Angelika Bardou
1999 Remastering by Walter Schmid


M10~12: Original Mix

1999 Remastered Edition, with 3 bonus tracks