Celtic Frost / To Mega Therion


01. Innocence And Wrath [1:02]
02. The Usurper [3:24]
03. Jewel Throne [4:01]
04. Dawn Of Megiddo [5:42]
05. Eternal Summer [4:31]
06. Circle Of The Tyrants [4:36]
07. (Beyond The) North Winds [3:05]
08. Fainted Eyes [5:04]
09. Tears In A Prophet's Dream [2:31]
10. Necromantical Screams [6:04]
11. Return To The Eve (1985 Studio Jam) [4:08]

Reed St. Mark [Drums on M2~8/10/11, Timpani on M1/4, Percussion on M1/9, Vocals on M11]
Thomas Gabriel Warrior [Voice on M2~8/10/11, Guitars on M1~8/10/11, Backing Vocals on M6, Voice Effects on M9, Sound Effects on M9]
Dominic Steiner [Bass] on M1/4~10
Martin Eric Ain [Bass] on M2/3/11
Wolf Bender [French Horn] on M1/4/10
Claudia-Maria Mokri [Additional Vocals] on M2/6/10/11
Urs Sprenger [Sound Effects] on M9
Horst Müller [Sound Effects] on M9

Produced by Horst "The One & Only" Müller [M1/4~10], Thomas Gabriel Warrior [M2/3/11], Martin Eric Ain [M2/3/11]
Co-Produced by Tomas Gabriel Warrior
Engineered by Horst Müller
Assistant Engineering by Rick "Lights"
Partially Based On Demonstration Recordings by Urs Sprenger [M9]
Additional Recordings Engineered by Harris Johns [M2/3/11]
1999 Re-Issue Editing by Thomas Gabriel Fischer, Angelika Bardou
1999 Remastering by Walter Schmid


M2/3/11: Remixed/Re-Recorded Version

M2/3/11: taken from "Tragic Serenades" 12"EP [1986]

1999 Remastered Edition, 11 tracks

M4: misspelled as Dawn Of Meggido