Celtic Frost / Into The Pandemonium


01. Mexican Radio [3:29]
02. Mesmerized [3:24]
03. Inner Sanctum [5:15]
04. Tristesses De La Lune [2:59]
05. Babylon Fell [4:19]
06. Caress Into Oblivion [5:13]
07. One In Their Pride (Porthole Mix) [2:51]
08. I Won't Dance (The Elders's Orient) [4:33]
09. Rex Irae (Requiem) [6:00]
10. Oriental Masquerade [1:19]
-Bonus Tracks-
11. Sorrows Of The Moon [3:04]
12. The Inevitable Factor [4:38]
13. In The Chapel In The Moonlight [2:04]
14. One In Their Pride (Re-Entry Mix) [5:54]
15. The Inevitable Factor (Alternate Vocals) [4:38]

Martin Eric Ain [Bass on M1~3/5/6/8~13/15, Additional Vocals on M1/5, Vocal Effects on M7/14, original sample bass on M7/14]
Reed St. Mark [Drums on M1~3/5/6/8~13/15, Percussion on M1/6/9, Digital Percussion on M10/13, Backing Vocals on M1/4/11/13, Original Drum Basic Track on M7/14, Synthe sizer on M12/15]
Tom Gabriel Warrior [Voice on M1~3/5/6/8/11~13/15, Voice (King Wrath) on M9, Guitars on M1~6/8~13/15, Digital Effect Guitar on M7/14, Drum Programming on M7/14, Keyboards on M7/14, Vocal Effects on M7/14]
Thomas Berter [Backing Vocals] on M1
Claudia-Maria Mokri [Additional Vocals on M2/5, Vocals (Dream Voice) on M9]
Manu Moan [Vocals] on M4
Malgorzata Blaiejewska Woller [Violin] on M4/9/10
Eva Cieslinski [Violin] on M4/9/10
Wulf Ebert [Cello] on M4/9/10
Jürgen Paulmann [Viola] on M4/9/10
Lothar Krist [Conductor] on M4/9/10
Jan Nemec [Sample Effects on M7, Sample Editing on M14]
H.C., 1922 [Backing Vocals] on M8
Adreas Dobler [Guitars] on M9/11/12/15
Anton Schreiber [French Horn] on M9/10
Michael Flexing [Backing Vocals] on M13

Produced by Celtic Frost
Engineered by Jan "Mann" Nemec
Remastered by V. Santura, Tom Gabriel Warrior
Archivist & Mastering Consultant by Zane Reed Johnson
Project Supervision by Steve Hammonds
Concept by Tom Gabriel Warrior


M13: taken from "The Collector's Celtic Frost" 12"EP [1987]
M12/15: taken from "Into The Pandemonium [1999 Remastered Edition]" LP [1999]

2017 Remastered Edition, digibook, with 5 bonus tracks