Coolio / The Very Best


01. Fantastic Voyage (Timber Mix) [5:34]
02. Sumpin' New [3:21]
03. Ooh La La [4:07]
04. N Da Closet [3:51]
05. Get Up Get Down [5:32]
06. One Mo [3:44]
07. Mama, I'm In Love Wit A Gangsta / Coolio Featuring LeShaun [4:10]
08. Too Hot [3:39]
09. Can I Get Down [3:44]
10. County Line [2:57]
11. Gangsta's Paradise / Coolio Featuring L.V. [4:03]
12. My Soul [4:16]
13. Sticky Fingers [2:59]
14. Smilin' [4:09]
15. Hit 'Em [4:23]
16. I Remember / Coolio Featuring J-Ro Of Alkaholiks And Billy Boy [4:48]
17. For My Sistas [4:27]
18. C U When U Get There / Coolio Featuring 40 Thevz [5:12]

Coolio [Rap on M1~6/8~10/12~18, Background Vocals on M12/15]
GAT [Background Vocals] on M1/4
Stan "The Guitar Man" Jones [Bass on M1/5/13, Lead Guitar on M1/13, Guitar on M5/8, Musician on M6/12/15]
Mr Guche [Musician] on M3
Keith Williams [Musician] on M3
Clinton Sands [Bass] on M4
Joey Gardner [Remix] on M1
Leek Ratt [Additional Vocals] on M5/17
PS [Additional Vocals] on M5/17
Ras Kass [Additional Vocals on M5/17, Bckground Vocals on M12/15]
Malika [Additional Vocals] on M5/17
WC [Additional Vocals] on M5/17
Shorty [Additional Vocals] on M5/17
"Roy Dog" Pennon [Keyboards, Bass] on M5/8
Troy "Talkbox" Mason [Background Vocals] on M6
Romeo [Musician on M6, All Instruments on M14]
P Freeman [Musician] on M6
J&P Freeman [Musician] on M6
My Neighbor Ronnie [Musician] on M6
J.T. Taylor [Background Vocals] on M8
"Roy Dog" Pennon [Bass, Keyboards] on M8
Athdas Brown [Musician] on M12
Dwayne Augustine [Musician] on M12
Mark Cargil [Musician] on M12
Baby G [Background Vocals] on M14
Jammin' James [All Instruments] on M14
Lashanna Dendy [Background Vocals] on M17
Darryl Crookes [Guitar] on M17
Andrew Gouche [Bass] on M17
-40 Thevz-
Henry Straughter [Additional Rap Vocals] on M6
Malieek Straughter [Additional Rap Vocals] on M6

Produced by Dobbs The Wino [M1/4/10/13], Brian Dobbs "The Wino" [M5/8], Wino [M9], James Carter "Jammin' James" [M2/14], Jammin James Carter [M15], Poison Ivey [M2], Oji Pierce [M3/17], Mr. Dominique De Romeo [M6/12], Dominic Aldridge "Romeo" [M14], Ray Parker Jr. [M9], I-Roc [M14]
Co-Produced by Reece Carter [M14]
Associate Producer by Kelvin "K2DAT" Taylor [M12]
Recorded by Bob Morse [M3/6/9/12/15]
Mixed by Rob Charelli [M2/14], Dave Pensado [M3/12], Mark Nathan [M5], Bob Morse [M6/8/9/15/17], Oji [M17]
Remixed by Joey Gardner [M1/2]

-Coolio Featuring LeShaun-
Coolio [Rap] on M7
LeShaun [Rap] on M7
Clinton Sands [Bass] on M7

Produced by Dobbs The Wino [M7]

-Coolio Featuring L.V.-
Coolio [Rap] on M11
L.V. [Background Vocals] on M11
Trinna Simmons [Background Vocals] on M11

Produced by Doug Rasheed [M11]
Mixed by Kevin Davis [M11]

-Coolio Featuring J-Ro Of Alkaholiks And Billy Boy-
Coolio [Rap] on M16
J-Ro Of Alkaholiks [Rap] on M16
Billy Boy [Rap] on M16
Clinton Sands [Bass] on M16

Produced by Gary "G-Luv" Hero [M16]
Co-Produced by Coolio [M16], Spoon [M16]

-Coolio Featuring 40 Thevz-
Coolio [Rap] on M18
Katrina Harper [Background Vocals] on M18
Jeffrey Robinson [Background Vocals] on M18
Alfie Silas [Background Vocals] on M18
Charlia Boyer [Background Vocals] on M18
Curtis Boshey [Musician] on M18
Ronnie King [Musician] on M18
Dwayne Augustine [Musician] on M18
Marc Cargile [Musician] on M18
Vendon Smith [Musician] on M18
-40 Thevz-
Henry Straughter [Rap] on M18
Malieek Straughter [Rap] on M18

Produced by Mr. Dominique De Romeo [M18]
Recorded by Bob Morse [M18]
Mixed by Dave Pensado [M18]

M2: Timber Mix
M10/13: taken from "County Line" EP [1993]
M16: taken from "I Remember" EP [1994]
M1: taken from "Fantastic Voyage" EP [1994]
M4/7: taken from "It Takes A Thief" LP [1994]
M11: taken from "Coolio Featuring L.V. / Gangsta's Paradise" EP [1995]
M8: taken from "Too Hot" EP [1995]
M5/14/17: taken from "Gangsta's Paradise" LP [1995]
M2: taken from "1, 2, 3, 4 (Sumpin' New)" EP [1996]
M18: taken from "Coolio Featuring 40 Thevz / C U When U Get There" EP [1997]
M3/6/9/12/15: taken from "My Soul" LP [1997]

Japan Exclusive, with a lyrics/Japanese explanation booklet

M5: misspelled as Ooh La La La