Coroner / Death Cult


01. Spectators Of Sin [6:40]
02. Spiral Dream [4:44]
03. Aerial Combat [6:13]
04. The Invincible [6:59]
05. Arrogance In Uniform [4:03]
06. Hate, Fire, Blood [1:19]
07. Final Excretion [5:05]

Marquis Marky [Drums, Percussion]
Ron Royce [4 String Bass, 8 String Bass, Vocals on M5~7]
Tommy T. Baron [All Guitars]
Tom G. Warrior [Lead Vocals] on M1~4
Ron Ashley [Synth, Eff] on M1~4

Recorded by H.P. Fischer [M1~4]
Mixed by H.P. Fischer [M1~4]
Produced by Coroner [M1~5], Warrior [M1~4], Lights [M1~4], Harris Johns [M5], Guy Bidmead [M6], Flavio Vigne [M7]
Engineered by Guy Bidmead [M6/7]
Assistant Engineer by Andreas Gerhard [M6/7], Dexter [M7]
Remaster by Anders Peterson


M5: taken from "Doomsday News" V.A. LP [1988]
M6: taken from "Doomsday News 2" V.A. LP [1989]

Numbered Limited Edition [No. 729/1500]

with 3 additional tracks