Coroner / Grin


01. Dream Path [1:12]
02. The Lethargic Age [4:17]
03. Internal Conflicts [6:19]
04. Caveat (To The Coming) [6:39]
05. Serpent Moves [7:38]
06. Status: Still Thinking [6:14]
07. Theme For Silence [1:32]
08. Paralized, Mesmerized [8:07]
09. Grin (Nails Hurt) [7:22]
10. Host [8:23]

Ron Royce [Bass, Vocals]
Tommy T. Baron [Guitars, Guitar - Synth]
Marquis Marky [Drums, Spoken Voice on M10]
Bettina Klöti [Female Voice] on M10
Tim Chatfield [Didgeridoo on M1/6, Compose on M1]
Kent Smith [Add. Synthesizer]
Roger Dupont [Drum Intro, Programmed] on M2
Paul Degalyer [Add. Vocals] on M9

Produced by Coroner
Engineered by Gerhard "Anyway" Wölfle
All Drums Recorded by Voco Faux-Pas
Mixed by Tom Morris
Assistant Engineer by Mark Prator
Mastered by Eddie Schreyer