ABC / Essential ABC


01. Poison Arrow [3:24]
02. Tears Are Not Enough [3:29]
03. Overture [3:58]
04. That Was Then But This Is Now [3:33]
05. Many Happy Returns [3:58]
06. Date Stamp [3:51]
07. Show Me [4:04]
08. Theme From "Mantrap" [4:19]
09. The Night You Murdered Love [4:52]
10. Love's A Dangerous Language [3:40]
11. The Power Of Persuasion [3:32]
12. Hey Citizen! [3:56]
13. How To Be A Millionaire [3:35]
14. Tower Of London [3:37]
15. 15 Storey Halo [5:35]
01. The Look Of Love (Pt. 1) [3:29]
02. All Of My Heart [5:19]
03. S.O.S. [4:47]
04. Be Near Me [3:36]
05. Vanity Kills [3:32]
06. Ocean Blue (Single Mix) [3:38]
07. Poison Arrow (Jazz Remix) [7:03]
08. Bad Blood [3:58]
09. Rage And Then Regret [3:33]
10. When Smokey Sings (The Miami Mix) [7:05]
11. The Night You Murdered Love (The Whole Story) [8:15]
12. King Without A Crown (Monarchy Mix) [8:39]
13. Vanity Kills (U.S.A. Remix) [5:40]
14. How To Be A Millionaire (Bond Street Mix) [6:06]
01. When Smokey Sings [4:19]
02. One Better World [5:38]
03. The Real Thing [4:55]
04. I'm In Love With You [4:35]
05. North [5:41]
06. Paper Thin [5:51]
07. King Without A Crown [4:41]
08. Tears Are Not Enough (12" Remix) [7:45]
09. Alphabet Soup (12" Mix) [8:02]
10. The Look Of Love (USA Remix) [7:40]

Martin Fry [Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals]
David Palmer [Drums on D1M1~3/6~8//D2M1/2/7//D3M2~6/8~10, Percussion on D1M1~3/6~8//D2M1/2/7//D3M2~6/8~10, Hi-Hat on D2M4/5/13]
Stephen Singleton [Alto Saxophone on D1M1~4/6~8/10~12//D2M1~3/7//D3M8~10, Tenor Saxophone on D1M1~3/6~8//D2M1/2/7//D3M8~10]
Mark White [Guitars on D1M1~4/6~12//D2M1~3/7~12//D3M1/7, Keyboards on D1M1~3/6~9//D2M1/2/7~12//D3, Synthesizers on D1M4/10~15//D2M3/4/6/13/14, Pianos on D1M4/10~12//D2M3, Roland Juno-6 on D1M4/10~12//D2M3, E-mu Emulator on D1M4/10~12//D2M3, E-mu Emulator II on D1M13~15//D2M4/6/13/14, Fairlight CMI Programming on D1M13~15//D2M4/6/13/14, Yamaha DX7 on D1M13~15//D2M4/6/13/14, Programming on D1M9//D2M8~12//D3M1~7, Backing Vocals on D2M1]
Mark Lickley [Bass] on D1M1~3/8//D2M1/7//D3M8~10
Fiona Russell Powell [Vocals, Record Scratching] on D1M13~15//D2M4/14
David Yarritu [Spoken Voice] on D1M13~15//D2M4/14
Skip McDonald [Guitars] on D1M14
David Williams [Guitars] on D1M13//D2M14
Rob Dean [Guitars] on D3M2~6
Maurice Michael [Guitars, Backing Vocals] on D3M2~6
Brad Lang [Bass] on D1M5~7/9//D2M2/4/6/8~12//D3M1/7
Alan Newmark [Bass] on D1M4/10~12//D2M3
Danny Thompson [Double Bass] on D1M9//D2M8~12//D3M1/7
Andy Newmark [Drums] on D1M4/10~12//D2M3
Keith LeBlanc [Drums, Beatbox] on D1M13~15//D2M4/6/13/14
Graham Broad [Drums] on D1M9//D2M8~12//D3M1/7
Danny Cummings [Drums, Percussion] on D3M2~6
Chris Whitten [Additional Drums] on D1M15
Anne Dudley [Keyboards, Orchestration] on D1M1~3/6/7//D2M1/2/7//D3M8~10
J.J. Jeczalik [Fairlight Programmer] on D1M1~3/6/7//D2M1/2/7//D3M8~10
Gary Moberley [Fairlight CMI] on D1M13~15//D2M4/6/13/14
Don Snow [Acoustic Piano, Synthesizers] on D1M13~15//D2M4/6/13/14
David Clayton [Keyboards] on D1M9//D2M8~12//D3M1~7
Ritchie Close [Keyboards] on D3M2~6
Mike Pickering [Keyboards] on D3M2~6
Howie Casey [Baritone Saxophone on D1M4/10~12//D2M3, Tenor Saxophone on D1M4/10~12//D2M3, Saxophone on D1M9//D2M8~12//D3M1/7]
Phil Smith [Saxophones] on D3M2~6
Kim Wear [Trumpet] on D1M1~3/6/7//D2M1/2/7//D3M8/10
John Thirkell [Trumpet, Flugelhorn] on D1M1//D2M1/7//D3M10
Guy Barker [Trumpet] on D2M5/13
Andy Gray [Trombone] on D1M1~3/6/7//D2M1/2/7//D3M8/10
David Theorore [Oboe] on D1M4/10~12//D2M3
Adrian Brett [Recorder] on D1M4/10~12//D2M3
Gaynor Sadler [Harp] on D1M1~3/6/7//D2M1/2/7//D3M8/10
Judd Lander [Harmonica] on D1M9//D2M8~12//D3M1/7
Luís Jardim [Percussion] on D1M1~4/6/7/9~12//D2M1~3/7~12//D3M1/7/8/10
Pandit Dinesh [Percussion, Tabla] on D1M9//D2M8~12//D3M1/7
Tessa Webb [Additional Vocals] on D1M6
Karen Clayton [Female Speaking Voice] on D1M1//D2M7
Alan Carvell [Backing Vocals] on D1M9/15//D2M5/6/8~13//D3M1~7
Jackie Challenor [Backing Vocals] on D1M13/14//D2M14
Lorenza Johnson [Backing Vocals] on D1M13/14//D2M14//D3M2~6
Maye McKenna [Backing Vocals] on D1M13/14//D2M14
Dolette McDonald [Backing Vocals] on D1M9//D2M8~12//D3M1/7
Linda Taylor [Backing Vocals] on D1M9//D2M8~12//D3M1/7
Miriam Stockley [Backing Vocals] on D1M9//D2M8~12//D3M1/7
Tessa Niles [Backing Vocals] on D1M9//D2M8~12//D3M1/7
P.P. Arnold [Tertiary Backing Vocals] on D2M6
Contessa Lady V [Rap] on D2M11

Produced by Steve Brown [D1M2//D3M8/9], Trevor Horn [D1M1~3/6~8//D2M1/2/7//D3M10], Gary Langan [D1M4/10~12//D2M3], ABC [D1M4/10~12//D2M3], Mark White [D1M9/13~15//D2M4/6/8~14//D3M1/3~7], Martin Fry [D1M9/13~15//D2M4/6/8~14//D1M1/3~7], Bernard Edwards [D1M9//D2M10/11//D3M1], Blaze [D3M2]
Chief Engineer by Martyn Webster [D1M13~15//D2M4/6/13/14]
Engineered by Gary Langan [D1M2], Owen Davies [D1M1~3/6~8//D2M1/2/7//D3M8~10], Gary Langan [D1M4/10~12//D2M3], Martyn Webster [D1M9//D2M10/11]
Second Engineer by Julian Mendelsohn [D1M13~15//D2M4/6/13/14]
Assistant Engineers by John Kurlander [D1M4/10~12//D2M3], Bob Kraushaar [D1M4/10~12//D2M3], Keith Nixon [D1M4/10~12//D2M3], Paul Corkett [D1M13~15//D2M4/6/13/14], Mike Drake [D1M13~15//D2M4/6/13/14], Charles Harrowell [D1M13~15//D2M4/6/13/14], Heff Moraes [D1M13~15//D2M4/6/13/14], Dietmar Schillinger [D1M13~15//D2M4/6/13/14], Mark Stent [D1M13~15//D2M4/6/13/14], Paul Wright [D1M13~15//D2M4/6/13/14], Tim Burrell [D3M2~6]
Recording Engineer by Martyn Webster [D1M9//D2M8~12//D3M1/7], Bob Kraushaar [D3M3], Mike Stent [D3M2/4~6]
Recording Assistant by Tim Burrell [D1M9//D2M8~12//D3M1/7]
Mixing Engineer by Julian Mendelsohn [D3M2], Bob Kraushaar [D3M3~6]
Mixed by Julian Mendelsohn [D1M9/13~15//D2M6/8/9/11/13/14], Martyn Webster [D2M4], Graeme Park [D3M2~6], Mike Pickering [D3M2~6]
Mixing Assistant by Tim Burrell [D1M9//D2M8/9//D3M1/7]
Remixed by Trevor Horn [D2M7//D3M10], ABC [D2M7//D3M10], Phil "Mixmaster" Harding [D2M10], Mixmaster Pete Hammond [D2M12]
Directed by ABC [D1M2//D3M8/9]

D2M6: Pacific Mix
D2M14: How To Be A Zillionaire (Bond Street Mix)
D2M5: Video Version / Edit Of U.S.A. Remix

D1M2: taken from "Tears Are Not Enough" 7"EP [1981]
D3M8/9: taken from "Tears Are Not Enough" 12"EP [1981]
D1M1/8: taken from "Poison Arrow" 7"EP [1981]
D2M1: taken from "The Look Of Love" 7"EP [1982]
D1M3/6/7//D2M2: taken from "The Lexicon Of Love" LP [1982]
D1M4: taken from "That Was Then but This Is Now" 7"EP [1983]
D1M10~12//D2M3: taken from "Beauty Stab" LP [1983]
D1M13: taken from "How To Be A Millionaire" 7"EP [1984]
D2M14: taken from "Zillionaire! (Bond St. Mix)" 12"EP [1984]
D2M4: taken from "Be Near Me" 7"EP [1985]
D2M7//D3M10: taken from "Poison Arrow (U.S. Re-Mix)" 7"EP [1985]
D1M14/15: taken from "How To Be A . . . Zillionaire!" LP [1985]
D2M6: taken from "Ocean Blue" 7"EP [1985]
D2M13: taken from "Vanity Kills [USA Edition]" 12"EP [1986]
D2M10: taken from "When Smokey Sings" 12"EP [1987]
D1M9: taken from "The Night You Murdered Love" 7"EP [1987]
D2M11: taken from "The Night You Murdered Love" 12"EP [1987]
D2M8/9//D3M1/7: taken from "Alphabet City" LP [1987]
D2M12: taken from "King Without A Crown" 12"EP [1987]
D3M3: taken from "The Real Thing" 12"EP [1989]
D3M2/4~6: taken from "Up" LP [1989]

3-sided gatefold cardboard sleeve